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Burgers’ Smokehouse, a Family Business Built on Country Hams: An Interview with Steven Burger

Based in Missouri, Burgers’ Smokehouse is a four-generations-deep family business that’s been specializing in pork since 1952 (that’s the official date, but the family’s patriarch E.M. Burger, a farmer, began selling hams on the side in the 1920s). You might have read about the company in Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon, where Ari professed a […]

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Country’s Leading Hog Historian Comes to Camp Bacon®

I first met Mark Essig while I was speaking in Asheville. I’d done some ZingTrain work for our long-time client Laurey Masterton, who sadly passed away a few years ago. We still miss her. Laurey had arranged on that trip for me to do a dinner around the then recently released Zingerman’s Guide to Better […]

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