Zingerman’s Tour de Food

Take the Tour de Food during July/August 2014 and we’ll donate $5 to the Coleman Jewett Chair Project.

Visit all five Zingerman’s retail locations in a 24-hour period and you’ll also be entered to win a $250 Zingerman’s gift card!

The Coleman Jewett Memorial

For 47 Years Coleman Jewett came to Ann Arbor Farmers Market to sell his hand hewn Adirondack chairs. He was known to generations of market goers for his post-it notes on his chairs and his gift of conversation with everyone who stopped. His chairs are only part of his story.

Coleman Jewett was an artist, school administrator, coach, mentor, counselor and consummate community member—active, engaged and caring. People in our community knew him in some or all of those roles and especially the way he held court at the Farmers Market with an invitation to sit and talk to friends and strangers alike.

The Ann Arbor Public Art Commission will create a pair of bronze Adirondack chairs to be permanently installed at the Farmers Market and dedicated to Coleman’s memory creating a conversation corner so the spirit of Coleman Jewett can carry on every time people take a seat to take together.

A campaign has raised $27,000 to date against a goal of $50,000 to make this possible. As a neighbor of the Farmers Market, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses is proudly collaborating the art commission with to help increase the contributions for this wonderful Ann Arbor citizen.

We are grateful for this community partnership and its ability to increase recognition of this imaginative project and this great man.

For information on the Jewett Memorial contact:
Ann Arbor Public Art Commission
794-6310 x43730

To make a personal donation:
Mail a check to Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation with “Jewett Memorial” in the memo; 301, Suite 300, N. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Or go to this link: Coleman Jewett Chair Project