Zingerman’s Tour de Food

Take the Tour de Food during March/April 2014 and we’ll donate $5 to The Family Learning Institute

Visit all five Zingerman’s retail locations in a 24-hour period and you’ll also be entered to win a $250 Zingerman’s gift card!

The Family Learning Institute is a volunteer based nonprofit agency dedicated to closing the achievement gap in Washtenaw County. Through collaboration with local schools and community partners, and the implementation of innovative programs that develop literacy and prevent summer learning loss, FLI engages economically disadvantaged children, their parents and community in supporting a commitment to success in school and beyond. FLI believes our students, regardless of life circumstances, deserve a chance to forge the skills they need to build the life they dream.

The essence of FLI’s program is to have professional teachers test students on intake, develop individualized lesson plans that target their weaknesses, train volunteer “coaches”, pair each student with a coach in a long-term, continuous relationship, and conduct regular follow-up testing to gauge progress and refine lesson plans as needed. Coaching is done in private rooms away from school to maintain anonymity, minimize embarrassment, and remove students from any negative associations they may have with school. FLI has demonstrated consistent success, regularly raising most students’ reading levels by one, two, or three grades within one year — students who, without further intervention, would be expected to fall further behind.