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Cooking with Grace: An Easy, Delicious & Toasty Breakfast


Welcome to Cooking with Grace! This is where Grace Singleton, a managing partner at the Deli, shares her delectable home cooking with us. This week, she brings us a quick, easy and delicious breakfast that anyone can make at home.

“I was craving something different for breakfast and wanted something really flavorful and simple to make in the morning,” says Grace. “I’m usually moving pretty fast in the morning without a lot of extra time.” What Grace came up with is a fantastic upgrade to everyday toast that takes just minutes to prepare.


Grace picked Zingerman’s Bakehouse Pane Nero for this dish because she loves the bread’s texture, especially when it’s toasted. “It’s lovely,” she says. “Dense and crumbly with bits of crispiness on the edges, but it still stays moist in the center.”


Next, she spread on the Creamery’s Fresh Goat Cream Cheese, which is a little tart and creamy. She like this as a topping because it melts into warm toast nicely, and it offsets the nuttiness of the bread really well.



The last (and best!) step is to drizzle a little honey over the top. This time around, she used Moonshine Trading Company’s Northwestern Fireweed Honey, a light, delicate variety with a fine, spreadable texture. It’s been called “the champagne of honey.” However, Grace believes in finding the right honey for you, so she suggests coming to the Deli to try a few (we’ll give you a taste from any jar that catches your eye!) and deciding which one you like best.

Here’s to a good breakfast! Enjoy.