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Ring in the New Year with This Mulled Wine Recipe from Cornman Farms


When the cold air starts sweeping in, and snow begins to fall, we turn to this classic mulled wine recipe to spice up the winter. It’s also a long-time favorite of Cornman Farm’s managing partner Chef Kieron Hales.

“Mulled wine is synonymous with British culture, especially during the holiday season, and I’m thrilled to see its popularity rising here in the States,” says Kieron. “For me, it really evokes a sense of nostalgia from my hometown in England when I smell all of those spices coming together and take that first warm sip.”

Kieron also thinks this mulled wine is the perfect drink to help ring in the New Year because it’s easy to make, it warms everyone up, and it encourages everyone to linger a little longer.

Try it out for yourself!


3 ¼ bottles of red wine (Bold,Fruity)
6oz orange Juice
4.5oz brandy
18oz 1-to-1 simple syrup (Demerara)
1 apple sliced
1 orange sliced
.75 g mace (you can substitute mace with nutmeg if needed)
.75 g cardamom
.75 g cinnamon
.75 g star anise
1 g cloves
1 g juniper berries


Lightly toast the spices in a saute pan until fragrant. This brings out more flavor.
Add all the ingredients to a large pot on the stove and bring to a simmer. Let simmer for about an hour.
Let cool and transfer to a refrigerator friendly container. Refrigerate anywhere from 2 hours to 5 days to infuse the liquid with the flavors from the spices.
Strain spices from the liquid with a fine sieve into a large pot. Warm up the mulled wine on the stove until it’s warm enough to serve.
Serve in mugs or teacups with an orange swath and a cinnamon stick for the garnish.

Makes 16 Servings (6 oz. each) Feel free to double up on the recipe because it goes fast!

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