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3.14 Ways to Put Pie on Your Plate from Around the ZCoB

Sweet Pies from the Bakehouse, Pot Pies from the Deli, Pie & Mash at Cornman, and Fried Pies at the Roadhouse

I’m not a math major, but I do know that Pi (3.14159) is a mathematical constant—the relationship between the size of the circumference of a circle and its diameter. The fascinating thing about Pi is that it’s always the same, regardless of how big or small the circle is. That same constant has helped to make pie—the kind with an “e”—one of the most consistently comforting offerings we have here in the ZCoB. All of the pie offerings around the ’CoB are handmade with generous doses of love and care, a commitment to high quality ingredients, and meaningful attention to detail. In the spirit of which, here are 3.14 ways to make pie a positive part of your day!

1. Pie & Mash from Cornman Farms

Inspired by British co-managing partner Kieron Hales’, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms will transform into a traditional English Pie & Mash shop every Wednesday in March! Each week there’s a different savory handmade pie packed with mashed potatoes, seasonal veggies, and Kieron’s creamy Devon Fudge. Next week’s Pie & Mash is already sold out, so go online to order for the rest of the month ASAP.

Pie & Mash from Cornman Farms

2. Handmade Pies from the Bakehouse

Decades of pie making and baking experience go into each one of these wonderful offerings. Each of these amazing pies delivers full flavor and comfort. They’ve been consumed aplenty here in Washtenaw County, and also carried all the way to Paris and other places very far away! During March, we’ve got:

  • Perky Pecan Pie – loaded with Georgia pecans and wonderfully full-flavored natural Muscovado brown sugar filling.
  • Lemon Chess Pie – lovely sweet-sour lemon filling with just a bit of buttermilk, in an all-butter crust. A Southern classic.
  • Jumbleberry Pie – raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries jumbled up and baked in a flaky buttery pie crust.

Find them at the Bakehouse, Deli, Roadhouse, and Mail Order. You can also learn the “secrets” behind the Bakehouse’s great pie making in Zingerman’s Bakehouse cookbook. Or sign up soon for these online pie making classes at BAKE!.

Pies from the Bakehouse
Pot Pies from the Deli

.14 Fried Pie from the Roadhouse

A classic of the middle South—fruit-filled, handmade crust, crafted at the Bakehouse, fried to order at the Roadhouse. Great for in-house dining, carryout, bag lunches, winter camping, or long nature walks! Be wary, flavors vary.

Fried Pie from the Roadhouse