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Tiny Weddings at Cornman Farms

Four days of small ceremonies with big significance!

bride and groom at cornman farms tiny wedding

Photo by Lola Grace Photography

What sort of wedding one hopes for is, like our standards of great finance, mostly about what we want, not what others will think we should do. The answer to that question is certainly up to you. We love to host big weddings at Cornman Farms and we’ll be doing just that nearly every weekend this summer! On the other hand, you might be someone who wants to avoid a lot of the coordination and cost that accompanies getting a few hundred people together for a wedding. If, instead, you would like to create a super cool and very intimate event at an exceptionally memorable nationally-recognized farm venue right here in Washtenaw County, we can help!

Tabitha Mason, one of the two managing partners at Cornman says,

Each year we dedicate at least three consecutive days at our property to host a series of all-inclusive micro weddings in partnership with the best local Michigan wedding vendors. Our expert event producers coordinate everything from the ceremony to the cake cutting, making each wedding feel spontaneous, effortless and stress-free. Meanwhile, each year we will feature an exclusive seasonal design from one of Michigan’s top event designers. The result is The Tiny Wedding—an elopement for the couple who desires the simplicity of a courthouse wedding but envisions a beautifully curated experience.

Like Morgan Housel has said many times, no one can assess the right answer except you—and in this case, your significant other. But if what gets the two of you excited is a lovely, quick, memorable, marvelous little wedding, we’ve got you covered.

What is included in The Tiny Wedding package?

  • A really wonderful little wedding ceremony with a totally official officiant

  • An hour and a half of wedding time at an award winning, nationally recognized venue

  • Four guests (including the wedding couple)

  • A wedding coordinator (and witness if needed)

  • Seasonal design and decor

  • Our wedding photographer and 45 digital images

  • A super tasty cake handcrafted by the crew at Zingerman’s Bakehouse

  • One sparkling wine toast

  • A surprise wedding keepsake

  • Bouquet(s) and/or boutonnière(s) (a total of two)

  • A lifetime of limitless joy and good memories!

This summer’s Tiny Weddings will take place on July 12, 13, and 14. If you want to get married in a small, intimate context, at a compellingly beautiful place, this is your shot. It is surely a less stressful way to tie the knot, and still make the event marvelously memorable. Smaller size, lower cost, less logistics, less lead time, which means you’ll have time, money, and energy to invest in other ways. There will only be 15 Tiny Weddings at the Farm this summer—sign up soon to reserve your space.

Make your Tiny Wedding dream come true.

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