September's Nonprofit Spotlight is Student Advocacy Center!

The Student Advocacy Center of Michigan works collaboratively with underserved students, and their families, to stay in school, realize their rights to a quality public education, grow and experience success.

Student Advocacy Center of Michigan believes education is a human right and every youth is worthy of a quality education. Every day, they work to help Michigan students, K-12, get back in school, stay in school and grow in spaces where they feel safe, heard, loved and challenged. Through one-on-one case and cause advocacy and long-term mentoring, they build relationships with youth and families, build their power, elevate their voices and work together to secure the education they need to thrive.

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Events to support Student Advocacy Center

No events currently scheduled.

What Resources Does Student Advocacy Center Provide

SAC provides support and advice for anyone struggling with an educational crisis (school discipline, denial of services, discrimination in school, special education concern). Please call their statewide Helpline at (734) 482-0489 or email [email protected]. Families with more intensive needs may be assigned an advocate in their Ypsilanti, Detroit or Jackson offices.

How to Support

If you are interested in supporting their mission financially, please go to or click the "donate" button above or below. Your gifts can make the difference between a student staying in school or dropping out.

They also accept donations of working Chromebooks, gift cards for food and clothing, and school supplies (backpacks, notebooks). Just coordinate delivery by emailing [email protected]!

How To Volunteer

Consider signing up to be an Education Activist on their Website. Opportunities range from organizing event, giving public comment at school board meetings, phone banking, writing legislators and more. SAC also loves to have volunteers who are gifted at event planning for their annual storytelling fundraiser. Finally, they are often in need of gifted, patient tutors for their students.

Why Zingerman's Loves to Partner With Student Advocacy Center

We've been community partners with SAC for years and admire the thoughtful work they do for so many students and families in our community. They take a proactive stance to ensure that every student has the opportunities that they deserve and do everything in their power to make sure that no one slips through the cracks. With the world in the state that it is, school has been more of a struggle than ever for many students and their families. Issues that would have been immeasurably difficult before have been magnified by the additional challenges our school systems are facing. We're honored to support Student Advocacy Center as they empower this next generation with the support and tools they need to get past numerous obstacles.

Donate directly to Student Advocacy Center!