BAKE!, Bakehouse

Poulet au Pain & Crank Calling Julia Child: Barbara Lynch Wows at BAKE!

We teach hundreds of classes every year at BAKE!, but there’s no denying it: it’s really exciting when a big-time chef comes around. Our latest culinary star visitor was Barbara Lynch, the Boston-based chef who owns Barbara Lynch Gruppo, an eight-restaurant empire. She’s also a James Beard Award winner and the only American woman to […]

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Cornman Farms, Recipes

VIDEO: Cornman Farms’ Kieron Hales Shows Us How to Make Bubble and Squeak on Fox 2 Detroit

Cornman Farms Founding Partner and Executive Chef Kieron Hales grew up on the English countryside. He’s cooked for the Royal family and, stateside, for three U.S. Presidents! Here’s a clip of him on Fox 2 Detroit, demonstrating a traditional British holiday dish called Bubble and Squeak, which is similar to an American hash. Bubble and […]

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