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Art Fair Poster Sale: Get $50 off Hand-Painted Deli Art This Week!

It’s time for Art Fair. Don’t miss our Poster Sale—there are over 1,000 one-of-a-kind posters to choose from! Hand-painted promotional signs are pretty rare these days, but here at Zingerman’s we’ve worked to preserve this true artisan craft in the same way that we work to preserve artisanal food production. We have a whole team […]

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Don’t Miss the Food Mascot Student Art Show This Month at the Deli!

Ever seen a nerdy taco? Well, now is your chance! Upstairs at the Deli, all throughout September, you can check out the Food Mascot Student Art Show, where along with math-loving Mexican food, you’ll also get a glimpse of dancing cheese, sushi with attitude and much, much more. The exhibit is a collaboration between Zingerman’s […]

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New Product Tasting

Each month, packages from across the U.S. and around the world find their way to a small room across the street from the Deli.  The bundles contain olive oil, chocolate, mustard, jam, crackers, and cookies, and just about anything else a food enthusiast can imagine. The shippers of this tasty cornucopia are hoping that Zingerman’s […]

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