6 Ways to Fill Your Cup with Roadhouse Joe

The Coffee Blend Creating a Buzz Around the Zingerman’s Community Roadhouse Joe Coffee is the house brew at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, specially created by Zingerman’s Coffee Company for the Roadhouse’s 2003 opening. (Are you new to Zingerman’s? The Roadhouse is our full-service restaurant and bar on Ann Arbor’s west side, known for its mac and cheese, […]

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Ari's Picks

Coffee from the Zambian Region of Kasama

Super tasty cup for the highlands of central Africa If you want something to sip while you’re savoring a slice of that really fine Rhubarb Cheesecake, the Roaster’s Pick from the Coffee Company right now could be just the ticket. It’s terrific coffee from Zambia right now! One industry expert shared recently that, “Specialty coffee […]

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