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Award-winning Louis d’Or cheese from Quebec

In the past, it’s been difficult to import the delicious cheeses made in the snowy reaches of Quebec, but Wisconsin’s Artisan Cheese Exchange is working facilitate a thaw and Zingerman’s is the beneficiary. The Deli recently took possession of a 90-pound wheel of the award-winning Louis d’Or cheese from Canada (one of just two to make it to the U.S.!) and the demand has been swift and appreciative, according to Deli cheese monger Chad Hayes.

Made by Fromagerie du Presbytere in Neuville, Quebec, Louis d’Or is a washed rind, organic, raw cow’s milk cheese with a smooth, consistently rich flavor. The cheese draws its name from the Louis d’Or farm, which produces the milk used to create it.  Inspired by the expert cheese makers of France’s eastern Jura Region, Louis d’Or is a wonderful example of the mountain-style, which draws comparisons to the flavors and textures of the very best Comtes and Gruyeres.

Louis d'Or cheese from Quebec

“C’est magnifique!”

The cheese began attracting attention in 2010, when it took three awards in Quebec’s notable Selection Caseus fine cheese competition. In 2011, it was voted Best in Show at the American Cheese Society Competition, and that same year Louis d’Or was named Grand Champion of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, taking awards in four other categories as well.  This past year, the cheese again took three awards at Selection Caseus.

Louis d’Or has a light, golden color, and a soft, nuanced aroma. On the tongue, it begins with a subtle, creamy texture that soon evolves into a full, rich, and amazingly mellow flavor that lingers for a long time without shifting into a sharp note or aftertaste. I heard one the Deli’s guests describe it, as “lovely” and I would have to agree. This is probably one of the most delicious cheeses I’ve ever tasted.

Chad suggests that this cheese would be “very nice” used in a fondue, or lightly shaved and served over potatoes. But the rich flavor of Louis d’Or is also something to be savored on it’s own, or perhaps paired with a nice white wine. In any case, Fromagerie du Presbytere’s beautiful Louis d’Or is truly an exceptional cheese.

Due to the difficulties of importing, the Deli only has a limited amount of Louis d’Or. Don’t miss your chance to taste this wonderful cheese from our amis in Quebec!