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Ari’s Top 5 List
A weekly curated email—a quick roundup of 5 Zing things Ari is excited about this week—stuff you might not have heard of!
Zingerman’s Mail Order E-News
A short, quick to read email about our latest food finds, up coming specials and every so often, a super sweet deal. Lands in your inbox every couple of weeks.
Zingerman’s Deli “Foodie News”
Stay up to date on the exciting news, events and sales at Zingerman's Delicatessen! We'll share information about our favorite products, vendors, menus and all the happenings at Zingerman's Deli, Zingerman's Next Door Café, Zingerman's Catering and Events and Zingerman's Greyline. Lands in your inbox a couple times a week.
Zingerman’s Catering
A fun and informative look behind the scenes at Zingerman's Catering. Learn all about our latest seasonal offerings, get tips on planning your upcoming event, read testimonials from our biggest fans and find out why we're known for great taste you can trust!
Zingerman’s Greyline
Keep up with the latest news, events, special catering deals, and unique menus available at our downtown urban venue in the heart of Ann Arbor.
Zingerman’s Roadhouse “Thursday Three For All”
Be the first to know about what’s happening at Zingerman’s Roadhouse! Find out every Thursday what’s new and delicious, and read up on the stories behind our food. You will also receive monthly announcements about our upcoming special events, so you can reserve your seat before anyone else!
ZingTrain “On Track”
The latest training tips and tricks that we're using here at Zingerman's as well as the recipes we adopt to make our community of businesses into what Inc. magazine called "The Coolest Small Company in America." Mailed bimonthly.
BAKE! at Zingerman’s Bakehouse
Get the latest updates on our hands-on baking class schedule. Even special discounts just for subscribers.
Zingerman’s Bakehouse Specials
Get our daily hot soup selections right in your inbox Monday thru Friday. As well as news on specials and Bakehouse exclusives.
Zingerman’s Creamery E-News
Our venue for announcing new products, detailing Cheese Shop sales and subscriber-only specials. Sign up to receive the word from the Creamery.
Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory
News and specials from our candy company.
Zingerman’s Coffee Company
An insider's view of coffee at Zingerman's. Be the first to know about new coffee arrivals, classes, events and updates. We'll also share info from our coffee travels and from the coffee community. Find out what are baristas up to behind the counter.
Zingerman’s Cornman Farms
Upcoming events, farming traditions and recipes.
Zingerman’s Food Tours
We offer food travel experiences that allow you to see the world as Zingerman's does - authentic food and foodways made in traditional artisanal ways. Find out where we're going next!
Miss Kim
Your portal to really great Korean food and drink—sign up to receive updates, stories, and special announcements from Zingerman's newest restaurant, Miss Kim!