Medical and Dental Insurance Benefits

Eligibility on the 90th day of employment.

Zingerman’s contributes towards the cost for staff members who are full time (work at least 30 hours per week). Part-time staff members working at least 20 hours per week are eligible for self-pay medical insurance.

COBRA may be available if you have medical/dental coverage through Zingerman’s and end your employment.

401(k) & Company Contribution program

A tax deferred retirement savings plan that eligible staff can contribute to through payroll deduction – you must be 18 years old, have been employed in the ZCoB for 1 year and worked 1000 hours in that year. Once company contribution criteria are met every 6 months, the Company matches 25% on first 2% of your gross earnings contributed.

When first eligible, you will be automatically enrolled at 2% of pre-tax gross pay unless you enroll at a different % or opt out. If you don’t elect your own investment choices, your funds will be invested in the default Fidelity Freedom Target Date Fund.

We also have a Roth 401k option!

Time-off Benefits

Paid time off (PTO) based on hours worked and tenure (available to regular full and part time staff based on completion of orientation).

Bonus PTO day for completing orientation on time (F/T only)

Unpaid Family Medical Leave for employees that have one year service, 1250 hours worked and a qualifying event – birth or adoption of child, serious health condition of self/covered family member or military exigency.

Disability Benefits

Long term disability benefits are available to all full time staff after 90 days employment.

Short term disability benefits are available to all full time, salaried staff after 90 days of employment.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Eligibility on the 90th day of employment.

For out-of-pocket health related expenses, staff may save up to $2550 per year on a pre-tax basis. Includes a debit card!

For dependent care expenses, staff may save up to $5000 per year on a pre-tax basis.

For qualified parking expenses, staff may save up to $105 per month for work-related parking expenses.

Cool benefits available to all staff from first day of employment

  • Free access to Employee Assistance Program for staff and their family — just call (734) 996-9611 to access help with issues related to family, child or elder care, marital/relationship, substance abuse, stress/anxiety/depression, problems at work, financial/budgeting and legal.
  • Opportunities to participate in Huddles, Annual Planning and decision-making for the business.
  • Staff tastings at the Deli are FREE!
  • You will be paid to attend orientation and other required classes. There is also free, unpaid attendance at all non-required ZCoB classes.
  • Pass to The Henry Ford (aka Greenfield Village and Museum) good for free admittance for 6.
  • Participation in ZingFit activities.
  • Free Sunday Tour of the Creamery (non-ZCoB guests pay $5) and/or learn to make bread or pastries at the Bakehouse (call 761-7255 to make an appointment).
  • When working, brewed coffee at the Deli is $0.50 per large cup and $0.25 per short cup, iced tea/fountain soda are $0.50 per cup; at Bakehouse – brewed coffee for $1.00 per cup, $0.75 if you bring your own cup; and at Coffee Co. – brewed coffee for $0.75 per cup, $.50 if you bring your own cup.
  • Discounts at local businesses

More cool benefits for staff who complete basic orientation and/or meet other requirements

  • Employee paid Voluntary Life Insurance for FULL TIME staff after 90 days of employment.
  • Discount card – percent off at the Deli, Bakehouse, Mail Order, Roadhouse, Creamery and Coffee Company.
  • U of Z Degree programs (in areas like service, finance, coffee, management) with monetary awards for completion.
  • Paid opportunity to participate in ZCoB wide committees.
  • Opportunity to apply for a Staff Scholarship w/ Matching Grant (after 1 year employment).
  • $30 one time contribution for slip resistant shoes through the Safety Shoes program.
  • 25% Reimbursement of massage with a certified therapist, with receipt.
  • Bus Pass for $10/year for ZCoBbers that work downtown
  • Jury Duty Pay.
  • Opportunity to participate in business-level gain sharing program.