Happy Campers Have a Ball!

Welcome Campers! Zingerman’s 4th Annual Camp Bacon has begun!

Last night was the kickoff event of the 4th Zingerman’s Annual Camp Bacon: The Bacon Ball!

Ari talked about Camp Bacon and welcomed some returning guests. Next, Chef Alex talked about the menu selections, which included bacon appetizers using La Quercia and Edwards bacons, a Bacon Fry Bread,  and a delicious Vichyssoise with Eckhouse Pancetta that inspired by Alex’s mother’s own recipe. The main course was Caw Caw Creek Bacon Steak served with Ari’s Pimento Cheese Mashed Potatoes. Dessert was a Vosges Bacon Chocolate bar accompanied by a sample of delicious Rogue River Blue cheese.


Bar Manager Carly talked about the bacon drink specials, including a Bacon Ball Manhattan; a Bacon “In Fashion;” a bacony take on the traditional Old Fashioned; Cabin Fever Gelato Shake made with Zingerman’s Creamery Vanilla Gelato and Nueske’s bacon; and Rogue “VooDoo” Maple Bacon Ale.


Ari talked about the Southern Food Alliance and the great work they do. Here’s a brief synopsis in their own words:

The SFA is one of the nation’s most creative, educational, and ingenuous not-for-profits. Southerners recognize us as a progressive force that documents, studies, and celebrates the diverse food cultures of our changing region. Our members and donors take great pride in the stories we tell and the lives we celebrate. Throughout the nation, people recognize that the SFA has pioneered a much-emulated and intellectually rigorous program of cultural inquiry that calls a diverse community to a common table where black and white, rich and poor, young and old — all who gather– may consider our history and our future in a spirit of reconciliation.


Chef Alex making the rounds.


Ari pitching in.


Catering and Events Manager Joanie thanked everyone for coming and introduced our Bacon Poetry contest winner, Ms. Denise Podhorsky, who favored us with a spirited recitation of her verse. As the contest winner, Denise and a friend won free tickets to the Bacon Ball!


Denise reads her poem to an appreciate crowd. Congratulations Denise! Thanks for reading your wonderful poem!

My Love
Your hypnotic smell,
so juicy,
so delicious,
I’m under its spell.

On your own,
or to spice something up,
I love it,
and will never forget it.

You’re on my mind,
you’re in my fridge,
my booty is shakin’,
for my love of bacon.

Cooked by oven,
or fire,
I like to share it with my man,
but it’s always best when fried in a pan.

Well put, Denise!

See you at camp!