New Layout at the Zingerman’s Deli

After a few years of hard work and excitement, the Deli buildout is near completion! We’ve moved things around to provide a better Zingerman’s experience for our guests. Scroll down for a mini-tour of the new layout.


 The front door that faces Detroit St. is still the main entrance and will lead you to great tasting cheese, meats, breads, and specialty foods as well as the path to the new sandwich ordering area.



The ‘Bread Box’ is still where you’ve always found it, just inside the front door, where the bread boxers are ready to get you a loaf or two of artisanal breads made at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse.  They will more than likely share a sample or two of their favorite treats!



We’re excited to have more space for cheese, meats, fish & olives! Taste your way through our selection of full-flavored and traditional meats & cheeses next time you’re in.



Meat lovers can rejoice, there’s much more space for meat! You’ll notice that sliced meats from your favorite sandwiches are now on display. And, as always so are the beautiful bone-in prosciuttos, ready to be hand-sliced.



Wondering where to order? The Deli menu boards have moved into the Atrium, that is the connection between the original Deli and the new addition.

Turn right, toward the “We Cater” sign, then go around the pillar to your left…


…and straight up the stairs into the Atrium.
Be sure to check out the new location for pastas, spices, sauces & veggies on your way to order!


Look for the ‘order sandwiches’ sign…


…where you’ll see the sandwich menu boards, our brand-new salad case, and a friendly staffer to take your order!Our brand new salad case has more room to fill with exciting and delicious side salads made daily in our Deli kitchen.



Head under the menu boards to enter the blue house (also fondly called the ‘420 building’), which is where you pay.



After you’ve checked out, you can choose to sit in our new porch complete with cool garage doors that’ll be open when the weather permits it…



…outside on our new patio…


…or at our Next Door coffeehouse, which still has seating both downstairs and upstairs!


In the Next Door Coffeehouse, you’ll find tasty pastries, cakes, muffins, & pies made by Zingerman’s Bakehouse. There’s also an intriguing selection of chocolates, gelato made by Zingerman’s Creamery (don’t miss out on gelato sundaes and malts!), & Zingerman’s t-shirts to take home. And, of course, there’s an exceptional selection of espresso drinks, coffee, tea & hot chocolates!

Hope to see you soon!