Happy 25th Anniversary Food Gatherers!

Did you know…

…that Food Gatherers was founded by Zingerman’s Delicatessen a few days before Thanksgiving in 1988?

FG 25th anniversary

The original Food Gatherers crew.

Food Gatherers President and CEO Eileen Spring remembers:

“On a brisk fall day 25 years ago, a group of volunteers with a borrowed van collected 50 pounds of vegetables, bread, milk, and eggs from grocerystores and restaurants and distributed it to hot meal programs in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. A lot has changed since that first food run. We now distribute more than 5 million pounds of food each year, and our new warehouse expansion will allow us to gather even more in the future! But every pound of food that crosses our doors is still delivered with the same spirit of community and compassion that inspired that first group of gatherers. We still believe, as they did, that in a nation of plenty, no one should go hungry…”

Read more at the Food Gatherers website. 

Please join us in wishing Food Gatherers a happy birthday, and give generously to help stamp out hunger in the coming year!