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Beer, Wine, Cider, & Mead at Zingerman’s Creamery!

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Did you know that when you stop into the Zingerman’s Creamery for our award-winning cheese and gelato, you can also pick up your favorite Riesling or IPA? Michigan is lucky to have so many great craft brewers and winemakers, and the Creamery cheese shop carries some of the very best. We’ve got beer from Short’s, Founders, and Oddside, meads from B Nektar, wines from Fenn Valley, and Left Foot Charley, and cider from Vander Mill. We also have a knowledgeable staff that loves the stuff, and will happily guide you to our favorite beverage and cheese pairings!


The Fenn Valley estate is a 240 acre farm located five miles from Lake Michigan, just south of Holland, Michigan. It is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery established in 1973, and their goal has always been to produce world-class wines from grapes grown along the shore of Lake Michigan. Due to their proximity to the Lake, they experience a delicate weather balance referred to as “the Lake Effect.” They’re close enough to enjoy a moderation of winter temperatures and far enough away that the summer months we bring a mild cooling effect. A look at an atlas of the world will show that the major viticultural areas are almost always located near a large body of water that serves to moderate the climate in some manner. California, Washington, Oregon, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, and Michigan all meet this criteria. The wines they make are incredibly approachable, perfect for the dinner table, or a gathering of friends. Here are a couple of their wines we currently carry at the Creamery.

Capriccio – This big, soft, red wine shows the right balance between fruitiness and dryness. A big, jammy, berry fruit flavor with a subtle backbone of tannin, it is designed so you do not have to wait five years to enjoy a great glass of red wine. Serve this wine with chicken, red meats, pastas, and blue cheese.

Meritage – The name (merit+heritage) was coined by a small group of American winemakers to identify handcrafted wines blended from the traditional noble Bordeaux grape varietals. In January, as the winemakers at Fenn Valley were preparing red blends for the coming year, they noted that a blend of these three varieties was superior to any of the wines by themselves. The Cabernet Franc contributes a black cherry fruit flavor, the Cabernet Sauvignon gives a it black pepper quality, while the Merlot brings a light, earthy, fruit character. As expected, no one variety stands out; they all work together to create a harmonious blend of flavors that complement each other. We paired this wine with our Brûléed Manchester and the results were delicious.

Vino Verde – Literally, it means “green wine.” It is made from the Seyval grape variety harvested about two weeks early. The resulting wine is dry, crisp, and refreshing,, with low alcohol and a touch of natural carbonation. It is a fun wine, not to be taken seriously – perfect to serve over ice on a hot summer day. When thinking about cheeses to serve with this wine, think goat. Our Lincoln Log and Little Napoleon cheeses are perfect partners with the Vino Verde.


See you soon!