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A-maize-ing Dinner at Cornman Farms

Delicious feast includes beverage pairings with each course


We’re getting back to basics with our third farm-to-table dinner! Join us this coming Sunday, November 16, 5pm in our heated, historic barn for a crackling fire and our signature Cornmanhattan cocktail before dinner.

Then, we’ll move into our toasty farmhouse to enjoy a hearty menu inspired by the late autumn harvest. Our sideboard will be groaning with such delicacies as Cream of Celery Root Soup, Cornbread, Chestnut Roulade, Smoked Turkey, and a Sweet Dessert Tamale.

But, the real treat of the dinner is the sweet and delicious, a-maize-ing heirloom corn that inspired the name of the dinner. What’s so special about the corn, you ask? Well, back when corn was becoming more and more of a monoculture, with one particular breed dominating the market for American consumers, farmers were still hanging on to older, better-tasting corn varieties for use in their own personal gardens. In anticipation of this dinner, we grew a small plot of two very special, great-tasting heirloom varietals: Silver Queen, a holdover from the personal garden plots of Midwestern farmers; and Red Trentino, an increasingly rare species discovered in Italy by Anson Mills founder Glen Roberts. These two breeds are not available commercially, so this is the only place you’ll be able to enjoy this taste of the past!

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