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The Spicy Minute: 6 Tastes, 10,000 Flavors!


This past April, were very fortunate to welcome our friends the de Vienne family of spice purveyors, Épices de Cru (aka Spice Trekkers), for several days of talking, eating, learning, and laughter. Based in Monréal, the Spice Trekkers have been encouraging people to learn about spices and grind their own for over a decade. “Spices have an undeserved reputation for being complicated,” says founder Ethné de Vienne: “It seems like people are waiting for permission to get creative with spices. Spices have few rules. We just want to tell people it’ll be fine, just start cooking!”

The Spice Trekkers approach spices in three unique ways. First, their spices are always sold whole, which protects purity and freshness. Second, they purchase directly from growers on sourcing trips, which ensures fair trade practices and consistent quality. Third, they source spices from traditional growing regions, or terroirs, which have historically produced the most flavorful products. “We believe in listening to the people who actually live the food we’re trying to make,” says owner Philippe de Vienne.

Now, they’ve teamed up a with a talented local animator to create a wonderful animated film that explains the basics of taste and flavors. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Spice Trekkers spices are available at Zingerman’s Deli and Zingerman’s Mail Order.

See you soon!