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There’s a Charming Love Story Behind This Box of Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is exactly one week away, and here at Zingerman’s, we’ve got a huge crush on the Candy Manufactory’s new Valentine’s Day gift box. Not only does this lovely wrapped box include a dozen bite-sized versions of our newest creation—Peanut Butter Crush Zzang® candy bars—it also has a rather charming love story behind it.

Years ago, when Candy Manufactory’s founder Charlie Frank first started developing his recipe for Peanut Butter Crush bars, he had one thing on his mind: wooing the girl of his dreams. “Love started it all when I created the first Peanut Butter Crush for my [now] wife, Katie—her passion for chocolate and peanuts was my inspiration,” says Charlie, adding that he wanted to wow her with something better than “run-of-the-mill” peanut butter and chocolate candies you find in the grocery store.

He more than succeeded! The filling for Peanut Butter Crush Bars is an unbelievably luscious combination of creamy peanut butter, crisped rice, peanut brittle bits, and a touch of sea salt with a bit of milk chocolate mixed in. All of this is covered in dark chocolate. The crushed texture will steal your heart just like it stole Katie’s.

He used to just make them for Katie on special occasions, but lucky for us—and her—he decided to put them into production. “I was delighted when he decided to turn them into a bar for more people to enjoy!” says Katie. “It remains a favorite that I look forward to having more regularly now.”

“I courted her with these, and now we have three kids!” says Charlie. “They love them, too.”

Who knows—these candies might make you fall in love (again)!

You’ll find these Peanut Butter Crush-filled Valentine’s Day boxes at all Zingerman’s retail locations for just $19.99. Get ’em for you favorite girl or guy—they also make a great teacher’s gift.