5 Reasons Why You Should Be Grocery Shopping at Zingerman’s Deli

I’ve long thought that I have the best food job in the world. I work with amazing people, in a diverse college town in Michigan, and I get to bike to work more often than not. Another reasons I feel this way is the quality of ingredients that I get to taste and work with day in and day out. Here’s why I do the majority of my shopping where I work—at Zingerman’s Deli—and why I think you should as well.

Free tastesyou really can taste the difference
Everything we have at the Deli’s retail section is available to taste before you buy it. We want you to be sure it’s exactly what you are looking for, and that you like it. And yes, we let you taste everything—not just what we have featured. This includes every olive oil, vinegar, smoked salmon, etc.

We focus on sourcing and selling full-flavored traditionally made foods.  We are committed to only selling you foods that taste great. There’s lots of pretty packaged products out there that seems like it will be amazing when you read the label, but most of us have had the experience of bringing something home and finding out it wasn’t as good as it looked. Great tasting food costs more, and we want you to be sure it’s what you want before you buy.

Our staff love food and give great service 
We work with an amazing group of people who love food, love to cook, and who know how to professionally handle and care for the food we sell. They taste the products we offer all the time and can tell you when there is a new harvest of olive oil or a new batch of your favorite cheese on the counter. They can also tell you how it’s different from the last time you had it and make recommendations for ingredients and flavor combinations. Don’t like the first thing you try? We’ll happily help you taste several different items to find the one that works best for your needs.

We have long term relationships with our producers 
We have personal relationships with the producers we work with. We visit them and see their processing facilities, and we know where their ingredients are grown and raised. We give them feedback about the products they sell, and we often work with them to source unique products that aren’t sold anywhere else in the world. We’ve been working with some of them for more than 35 years.

There’s been so much news lately about fake olive oil, and many other food “scandals”. The only way to really know where your food is coming from is to go to the source, meet the people doing the work, and shake their hands. We work with passionate and caring food professionals who are dedicated to creating great tasting food.

The better your base ingredients the easier it is to serve great tasting food
Whether you’re serving a simple meat and cheese tray as an afternoon snack during the big game, or preparing a special meal to impress your future in laws, starting with great tasting ingredients gives you a serious advantage when it comes to your success in the kitchen.

100% guarantee
No matter what the reason, if you aren’t happy with something you purchased at our store we will replace it or refund your money. We always appreciate feedback from our customers, so if something isn’t right, we really want to know!


The next time you’re heading out to buy groceries, swing by the Deli to taste through some options, or if you’re in a hurry, give one of our retail crew a call (734-663-3354) to place an order.  They love to make recommendations and you can stop in to pick it up, or have us run it out to your car with our curbside service. We also have a delivery option for the local Ann Arbor area, or we’ll partner with Zingerman’s mail order if you want it shipped farther away.

I look forward to seeing you at the Deli in the near future!