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Lemon(ade) Sorbet from the Creamery

A superior summer sweet that’s sure to brighten your day

pint of Zingerman's Creamery Lemon Sorbet

Speaking of citrus, how about that light, lilting Lemon Sorbet from the Creamery? It’s fantastic! A happy, spritely way to summer-ize any evening!

Like all the gelati and sorbetti at the Creamery, this one is handmade using fresh lemon juice. It’s lovely just like it is. If you’re having a big meal, you can use it as a small refreshing palate cleanser between courses. More typically, eat it for dessert, or dish some up for an afternoon or after school snack! I’ve been playing around a bit in preparation for putting together this piece. Turns out that some lemon sorbet is great paired up with vanilla gelato—a bit of each is a cooling and compelling combo. A lemony “creamsicle.” Or maybe a delightful citrusy Dreamsicle?

Maybe even better still? Try a scoop of strawberry gelato and another of lemon sorbet together in a cold bowl—it’s a bit like having super delicious strawberry-lemonade for dessert. If you want to play savory off of sweet, just a tiny bit of that wild thyme from Greece crumbled atop the sorbet might sound slightly strange to those who want their sweets straight up, but it’s an amazing and intriguing combination. Same goes for their very fine fennel seed. The sorbet is great garnished with fresh mint or basil too. If you want to get a bit boozy, you can pour a bit of vodka or grappa on top of a scoop of the sorbet. Or drop a small scoop of it into sparkling wine (the Creamery has a couple great ones for sale from Domaine Carneros in Napa, Gruet in New Mexico, or Mawby in Michigan). Or serve up a couple scoops of sorbet with fresh strawberries (which will show up at the Farmer’s Market any day now) that have been macerated in a bit of sugar—a strawberry lemonade sundae!

Know a gelato or sorbet lover who lives a long way away? Don’t worry! We can ship gelato to cool off your cousin in southern California. Finding it hard to come up with a great Father’s Day gift? Maybe gelato from the Creamery could fill the bill? Consider it done!