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Bourbon Gelato from the Creamery

A terrific new tasty treat

Looking for a super tasty dessert this week? Are you a big fan of bourbon? We have just the ticket at the Creamery—handmade gelato crafted with a healthy dose of barrel-aged Kentucky Bourbon.

three scoops of bourbon gelato in a black bowl in front of a red backgroundGelato, if you’re not familiar with it, is the frozen dessert of Italy. It originated, it seems, in the 17th century, most likely in Florence. Cosimo Ruggeri, astrologer and advisor to Catherine de Medici, is generally credited with inventing it. Ruggeri was renowned at the time as a master of the occult and magic, and I suppose we could say that gelato was the creative culinary application of his skills in those areas. Gelato actually came to North America around the time of the American Revolution but was overshadowed at the time by the development of ice cream. It was only in the latter decades of the 20th century that it became popular in the U.S. We started making it here at the Creamery in 1999. Gelato has less fat and less air in it, making it creamier in texture than ice cream. It’s a wonderful way to sweeten anyone’s day.

The Bourbon gelato at the Creamery is made with Basil Hayden bourbon, Madagascar vanilla extract, and a good bit of the dark demerara sugar we get from the island of Mauritius. Swing by the Creamery or the Roadhouse, order a scoop or two, and enjoy. I think it’s terrific topped with pecans and real maple syrup—so good, in fact, that we might add that sundae to the Roadhouse dessert menu. It’s really wonderful with bananas sautéed in butter and brown sugar. It pairs pretty darned deliciously with Eve’s Apple Babka from the Bakehouse, and it’s great with the Bakehouse’s Graham Crackers too, and/or with the Noccioliva Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread from Italy at the Deli.

If you want to make a special brunch dish, put a scoop of Bourbon gelato atop slices of French Toast. That makes me think of putting some on the spelt pancakes (yum!) at the Roadhouse. Jenny Tubbs of Zingerman’s Press has long advocated for gelato on oatmeal or as a creamer in your coffee—this seems a good way to get a bit of Bourbon into your breakfast!

You can get the Bourbon gelato at Cream Top Shop in a cup or cone, or order it up for dessert at the Roadhouse!

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