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In a nutshell, the Zingerman’s Alumni Group is all about bringing together our former and current staff. My own story is completely interwoven with many thousands of great folks who’ve worked at the ZCoB over the years. From the first day I met Paul and Frank back at Maude’s to Maggie getting a job there not long thereafter to all the people who helped get us going to the many managing partners as well as Community Share owners, sandwich makers, bakers, bookkeepers, barista, caterers, cleaning crew, coffee roasters, servers, drivers, cheese sellers, merchandisers, illustrators, designers, HR, IT, payroll, holiday staff, full time, part time, temporary, short term, long term—there are rich and rewarding relationships that now extend literally all over the world. I’m honored and humbled to be some small part of all that. And I’m totally jazzed that we’re now creating a systematic and organized way to help keep, and actively enhance, these conversations and connections.

Our hope though is that the Alumni Group will help us all:

  • Reconnect with colleagues and stories from years past. Post photos, stories, send articles (don’t miss Carolyn Manney’s amazing essay), artifacts or just really good reminiscences.
  • Keep up with what’s happening here in Ann Arbor through news posts, articles, sharing of new foods and new leadership techniques.
  • Connect current ZCoBbers with the folks who paved the way for them to do what they’re now doing—learning from history, especially living history, can be a pretty cool thing.
  • Create a venue in which former and present Zingernauts can help each other—whether it’s with finding jobs in other cities, sourcing a spot of a good espresso on a trip to a town you’ve never visited, a place to stay (AirZnZ anyone?), sharing ways that you’ve put visioning or the 3 Steps to Great Service to work in new jobs, access to great new food sources… really anything that would be of help.
  • Have fun with food and drink by offering deals, or discounts, or insider info—or all sorts of other things that might be fun and of help to enhance everyone’s experience. Maybe even a secret handshake or private password or… who knows?

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