Open Book Management—Why Do We Bother To Do It?


1. Alignment with our guiding principles. Our guiding principles specifically state that we’re committed to sharing as much information as possible with everyone in the organization. Open book management honors that commitment.

2. The more information we share the more effectively everyone can make a positive difference. Without solid information about how we’re performing financially, it’s very difficult, if not downright impossible, for people to make sound decisions in their work. We believe that the more people are involved in creating financial results the better those results are going to be.

3. A chance for all involved to make more money. The more we share information and teach the rules of how business finance works, the more successful we’ll be. We’ll be able to generate positive financial rewards not only for the ZCoB but for everyone involved, as well. When we’re doing our work well in this area, we’ll successfully hit our targets, bonuses will be paid out, there’ll be money in the bank, cash flow’ll look good, and we can actually make capital expenditures when needed. Everyone in the ZCoB is responsible for the financial performance of the organization.