January's Nonprofit Spotlight is A Brighter Way!

A Brighter Way (ABW) is dedicated to reducing recidivism rates in Washtenaw county by providing mentors, programs, resources, advocacy, and creating a supportive community for our friends and family returning home from incarceration.

To make Washtenaw county a welcoming, stigma free, educated, and supportive community for our friends and family returning home from prison and jail.

Donate directly to A Brighter Way


Events to support A Brighter Way

Sign up as a potential volunteer!
December 31, 2021–December 31, 2031

Email [email protected] or fill out the online form linked above to let them know how you might want to help lend a hand!

How can people in the community best support ABW?

People can donate to ABW on their website (abrighterway.org - linked above)

Get involved as an advocate for people who are formerly incarcerated and educate yourself on barriers to re-entry.

Follow their social media and share their posts, please share with friends and family about ABW's mission so they can also learn about this important topic and join in support.

If there are other items beyond financial gifts that you might want to contribute, please email [email protected] to coordinate a drop off.

What resources does ABW provide in the community?

They provide programing (mentorship program & auxiliary programs) for people who are formerly incarcerated who have returned home to Washtenaw county. They collaborate with the community as much as possible, events, educational opportunities, partnerships etc. They also participate in policy work within Washtenaw county to make systemic change. If you are in need of services or interest in collaborating contact [email protected].

Why Zingerman's is proud to partner with A Brighter Way

We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, and given the opportunity to succeed as best they can. We are impressed with the dedication that A Brighter Way demonstrates in providing a safety net to those who have faced incarceration so they have the largest chance to achieve stability, security, and connection once they've returned home.

Donate directly to A Brighter Way