Our April Nonprofit Spotlight is on Ann Arbor Academy!

The mission of Ann Arbor Academy is to allow students with divergent learning styles to thrive in an atmosphere which promotes social and academic confidence and growth.

Ann Arbor Academy is a nationally unique, accredited independent school providing an inclusive and empowering world class education for students with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, PTSD and other barriers to learning. They teach students how to learn, and support their social emotional growth as well. 90% of their students go to college, and the rest go on to train for a career after graduation.

Ann Arbor Academy is gender inclusive and serves students in grades K-12, with a 13th Year post graduate program for students bridging to college or the workplace. Now celebrating its 25th year, enrollment has surpassed 100 for the first time. They are funded solely by tuition and donations, and over one third of their students receive significant need based scholarships to allow their families to afford to send them to the school. Students come from surrounding communities and several move to the area from outside Michigan to attend.

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Events to support Ann Arbor Academy

Fundraising Auction and Gala
April 13, 2024–April 27, 2024
12:00 pm –8:30 pm

Ann Arbor Academy's 19th annual fundraising auction and gala will be beginning with an online silent auction which you can participate in starting on April 13th at noon, until their gala event on April 27th. The in-person event begins at 7pm at the school (1153 Oak Valley Drive in Ann Arbor) and is free to attend. The auction will end at 8:30pm that evening. Click the link to register to bid and view the catalog, or to send support for the school!

What is provided

Ann Arbor Academy empowers, enriches, and even saves lives of neurodivergent learners, long left ostracized and vulnerable in education, the workplace, and in life. It provides internships, volunteer and learning opportunities for aspiring professionals throughout the school year and its summer program. Their doors are open to clinicians, administrators, families, and college or graduate school level students looking to learn their approach, and locate potential resources for families seeking help. The goal is to sustainably grow and be within reach of more amazingly unique minds for generations to come.

How to support

Monetary donations provide funding for specialized programs, classroom supplies, field trips, supportive technology, and financial aid for families. Donors who sponsor scholarships, specific programs and their respective infrastructure can secure naming rights in honor of a loved one or friend.

Non-monetary donations can be dropped off at the front office and are very helpful. Looking to replace aging student lounge furniture and tables and chairs for classrooms and commons spaces, soccer nets and playground materials, Chromebooks and tech for their computer lab, equipment for their culinary program, tools and supplies for after school clubs such as robotics, and a food service truck/trailer for a student-run business are all on their wish list. If you have something you would like to donate, please reach out to Michael ([email protected]). The team would love to hear from you.

They also love volunteers! They always have work to do on landscaping and maintenance, and they love classroom volunteers. Classroom volunteers need to commit to a regular schedule so they can predict attendance and have a task for them. Volunteers need to agree to a background check prior to work in the school.

Zing Loves Ann Arbor Academy

Ann Arbor Academy is a close neighbor to a few of our Zingerman's businesses, our "Zingerman's Southside" and it's been wonderful knowing the exceptional work happening nearby. We've been working to build our connection over the years with this unique education space because we see the impact they've had on so many lives in the last quarter century. We're looking forward to more great work from this school, as well as seeing the ripple effect created as they help young minds find their way in the world who will surely do great things in our community in the future.

Click here to donate directly to Ann Arbor Academy!