August's Spotlight Organization is Inno Education!

Inno Education (Inno) is a student-founded, student-led, and student-run registered non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of middle school youth through education and service. Inno strives to pique intellectual interest in younger generations of students through interactive learning experiences. Their team aims to help students discover and further their passions for knowledge and growth, equipping them to become productive members and leaders of society.

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Events to support Inno Education

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What is Inno All About

At Inno, they want students to enjoy learning in its purest form. This means no tests, no homework, no grades. Simply students discovering how the different subjects meet at the crossroads and intertwine to explain the workings of the real world. In alignment with this goal, the curricula that the Inno team writes are designed to introduce their campers to areas of knowledge they would not otherwise have the opportunity to explore in public schools, such as their world mythology and rocket science courses.
Additionally, they seek to promote a balance lifestyle to their campers at the Inno Summer Institute, and as counselors and teachers, serve as relatable and approachable figures for the kids to help them build their social skills and gain helpful insight for their future years.

What Does Inno Offer

The primary service we provide is their 2 week long educational summer camp, for which they offer extensive financial aid. The cost of tuition is the price your family can reasonably afford, as they are committed to making sure every student who wants to attend can come, regardless of financial circumstances. Visit their website by clicking their logo above and head to the financial aid section for more details.

They also plan on introducing other community giving, education oriented programs, such as a grant program to fund field trips for elementary school classes!

How Can the Community Help Or Get Involved

People in the community can support Inno by signing up for/sharing word of our Summer Institute.

If you are a high school student in the Ann Arbor Area, you can apply to join their team to become a volunteer for the 2021-2022 school year!
As a member of the Inno Education Team, you will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles. As a first year member, you will help to create one of the interdisciplinary courses for their camp (new courses are developed every year). Beyond curriculum work, first year members may also join the Finance Team, helping to manage the logistical and money-related side of maintaining a nonprofit corporation. Returning members have the opportunity to serve on the Marketing Team as well. All members will serve as camp counselors at the 2022 Inno Summer Institute.

While the application will not open until the fall, you can email Inno at [email protected], and they will contact you with more information when it is available.

Additionally, you can always support Inno Education by donating! Just click the donate button above or below to give directly to Inno!

Why Zingerman's Loves Inno Education

The Zingerman's Community of Businesses has been proud to connect with Inno over the years as a community partner because of their sincere dedication to expanding the minds of youth in our community and creating a safe and fun space for learning. The team at Inno are truly professionals, despite being young, they run their organization with a high level of skill and thoughtfulness, and do such impressive work for our community.

The enriching experience they're providing to the students that attend their courses is beyond measure. It's truly such a creative group and worth checking out! We're always happy to connect with Inno and would love for you to join us in supporting the fantastic mission they're on!

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