March's Nonprofit Spotlight is on Michigan Prison Doula Initiative!

The mission at MPDI is to provide compassionate birth and parenting support to incarcerated people.

The Michigan Prison Doula Initiative provides trauma-informed, survivor-centered perinatal support for pregnant prisoners in Michigan. Their team proudly represents the community they serve and will be ever grateful for the passage of Michigan policy directive 04.04.155, sanctioning access to their care. While the U.S. is full of stories of deeply unfortunate birthing experiences, MPDI believes there is no more vulnerable population than incarcerated pregnant people. Their lack of support draws MPDI to this vital work.

Compassion over stigma.


Donate directly to Michigan Prison Doula Initiative!


Events to support Michigan Prison Doula Initiative

Zingerman's Mail Order Warehouse Shop Fundraiser Sale
March 10, 2023
9:00 am –10:00 pm

Come to Zingerman's Mail Order's Warehouse Shop at 710 Phoenix Drive in Ann Arbor on March 10th! All of the sales that day from the in-person shop will be donated to Michigan Prison Doula Initiative! The shop is open from 9am to 10pm and we ask that you follow all up to date COVID-19 safety guidelines and signage such as social distancing and mask wearing while in the space. Come down and get some great deals for a fantastic cause!

Backed up by research

The MPDI team is hoping to contribute to robust research on doula care in prisons, along with University of Minnesota and University of Michigan. Current small studies and analysis, including research by Marianne Bullock and Vicki Elson as in “Doulas Working in Prisons,” demonstrate the cascading positive impacts doula care for incarcerated pregnant people can provide the entire community.

How to help MPDI

Currently, the best way to support the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative is financially so that they can get their skilled professionals in place to serve those in need of care.

The MPDI team is also hoping to expand professional development opportunities for all levels of participation. With Zingerman’s help and your support, we aim to have another record-breaking year for lactation participation and healthy births. Thank you for considering donating to MPDI.

Why Zingerman's Love MPDI

Every pregnant person deserves access to a safe and compassionate birthing experience. And any child brought into this world deserves to be brought in with love and with their health, as well as the health of their parent, in mind. Doulas can be a crucial part of any birth and in too many cases when a pregnant person is incarcerated, they aren't given the support they need. MPDI works hard to be there through these pregnancies and make sure no one is left alone in such a monumental moment in their life.

Donate directly to Michigan Prison Doula Initiative!