March's Nonprofit Spotlight is on NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work)!

NEW inspires and equips mission-driven people, organizations, and communities to realize their visions of a just and thriving society.

Washtenaw and Wayne counties boast 28,000+ nonprofits between them. Yet, still people’s needs in SE Michigan are not being met. Why? Unequal power dynamics, systemic racism, and other forms of oppression. For centuries, those with privilege have used these to exclude, discriminate against, and bar “others” from power and decision-making. This is the status quo that today’s leaders and changemakers have inherited. If we’re going to transform our society, creating a world where nonprofits are no longer needed, we need to take a different approach.

At NEW, they work with their peer nonprofits and mission-driven organizations to deepen impact while addressing the injustices that the social sector was founded upon. Yes, their programs and services equip visionary leaders and community-centered doers to transform our communities. (NEW provides customized consulting, back-office bookkeeping and IT, space to meet and gather, and learning communities for leadership development). But their work is impactful, because they stay centered on relationships rooted in their values. They keep diversity, equity, inclusion and justice at the heart of every partnership. They use their unique position and privilege to address challenges and build connections other nonprofits can’t.

When times are hard, like during the pandemic, society turns to the social sector to keep the safety net together. And the social sector turns to NEW.

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Events to support NEW – Nonprofit Enterprise at Work

Centering Justice
March 20, 2024–June 28, 2024
12:00 pm

"Centering Justice is NEW's monthly web/podcast offering inspiration for racial justice and liberation. Here, we celebrate people, stories, and ideas to spur community-centered action. We uplift BIPOC leaders who are already dreaming, healing, reflecting, and moving us forward. We address entangled social justice issues and the complexities of intersectionality. And we offer calls to action that turn us towards systemic change, together. Honoring the cultural traditions of storytelling and listening, CJ has a roundtable feel. Our speaker-collaborators will offer their real-life approaches to liberation and ways of justice-centered change-making. As a participant, you'll witness approaches, experiences, and behaviors that push the status quo. We invite you to stretch and explore new ideas for co-creating a more just society. CJ is a space to hear, learn, practice, play. It's a space to explore ourselves, our work in nonprofits and social change. And a place to rediscover the skills and wisdom we need to transform into the future we want, together." Upcoming episodes will be recorded live on Wednesday, March 20 (03/20/24) and Wednesday, April 17 (04/17/24) at noon (12pm). Click the link to join the virtual space.

Resources Provided

NEW provides a number of key services to the mission-driven leaders and organizations in our community. They nurture organizations and cultures with customized Consulting in areas like strategic planning, board governance, and DEIJB (diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging). They strengthen operations and infrastructure through Managed IT and Financial Services, as well as with office and shared space at The NEW Center. And they build power and leadership in our communities through cohort-based Learning Communities.

If you're interested in learning more about or working alongside NEW, visit their website!

How to Support

Want to support NEW and the hundreds of nonprofits across SE Michigan that they help move towards their visions? Donate today! They need BOTH grassroots gifts and "major" contributions to make their work possible. So whatever your situation, there's space for you at NEW.

If you're interested in making a grassroots gift, please consider giving a smaller amount each month, instead of a lump sum (i.e. $10/month instead of $100 at once). Think of it as your subscription to social justice. Monthly gifts help even out their operating cashflow, making it easier to budget for programs and services year round. You can make your grassroots gifts via their Give Lively page:

If you're interested in making a "major" contribution ($5,000+), please reach out to their Director of Communications & Contributions, Will Jones III, [email protected].

Beyond financial gifts, the best way you can support NEW's work is by sharing resources and ideas with their team. What's energizing and inspiring you as you work towards a just and thriving society? They want to know!


Due to the nature of their work, NEW works with volunteers on a limited basis. If you're interested in volunteering, contact their Director of Communications & Contributions, Will Jones III - [email protected]

Why Zing loves NEW

Zingerman's deeply values supporting our community and has the privilege of partnering with hundreds of local nonprofits each year. With that perspective, we are very aware of how crucial the nonprofit network is for everyone in our area and beyond. The beauty of NEW is that they help to maintain the structure of this web of organizations, giving them the tools, connections, and power to achieve their missions. We've been honored to work with NEW over the years with programs like Leadership DELI and look forward to finding more ways to participate and support them as they grow and touch even more lives.

Donate directly to NEW!