May's Spotlight Organization is Orchards Children's Services

Orchards Children’s Services Mission Statement:

Strengthening the Community through Quality Services to Children and Families

Orchards provides services for over 8000 children and families across
Michigan. While Orchards Children’s Services specializes in family
preservation, foster care, and adoption, they also offer a range of
programs to restore the childhood that was lost by no fault of their own
including: Larry Cully Bike Day (providing over 400 bicycles children in
Orchards’ care), holiday toy and food drives (serving over 2,000 families), summer camp, Back2School event (supplying children with new backpacks and school supplies), free early childhood education, college scholarships, and more!

Donate directly to Orchards Children's Services and Take a Stand Against Child Abuse and Neglect Today!


Events to support Orchards Children’s Services

60th Anniversary Gerald L. Levin Champions for Children Signature Event
May 20, 2022
6:00 pm –10:00 pm

Purchase a ticket or sponsorship while they are still available to attend this optional black-tie affair at the International Banquet Center in downtown Detroit. We will be celebrating with Orchards the amazing work they have accomplished over the last 60 years of dedicated service!

What are the resources that Orchards provides to the community

Orchards Children's Services Provides a wide range of resources from family
preservation, adoption, foster care, and educational resources. The services they
provide care for children who are at risk of being removed from their home or are
already removed from a household because of abuse or neglect.

How can the public support Orchards

Orchards accepts many types of gifts whether it's time, treasure, or talent. They accept
in-kind donations of new or slightly used clothing, non-perishable food, school supplies,
new toys, furniture, toiletries, and more.

Orchards also needs community volunteers! Volunteers help them pack backpacks for
their Back2School, assemble bikes for bike day, and assist during holiday events.
Those interested in making an in-kind gift or volunteering can contact Vicki Orleans at
[email protected]

You can always donate funds directly to them by clicking the link above! Financial gifts
go very far to create a better life for the children and families in their care. Join
Orchards Children’s Services in their fight against child abuse and neglect by making a
contribution today to a child in need.

Why does Zingerman's support Orchards

Zingerman's values the difficult and crucial work that is required to help children and families navigate what can too often be traumatic times for all involved. We admire the dedication that Orchards has to family preservation and ensuring that the children they serve are given the opportunity to simply have fun and be kids amidst any instability they may be facing in their lives. Ultimately, their focus is on improving the lives of all who are involved in this system. We're proud to contribute to their work as a community partner.

Donate directly to Orchards Children's Services and Take a Stand Against Child Abuse and Neglect Today!