Our May Nonprofit Spotlight is on The Stewardship Network!

The Stewardship Network Mission Statement: We connect, equip, and mobilize people and organizations to care for land and water in their communities.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, The Stewardship Network (TSN) is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a 20-year history of caring for our natural world. With deep roots across the Great Lakes and emerging presences across the country, they continue to build an ever
larger and more impactful network of place-based collectives doing the most important work of our lifetimes. Though every TSN Member Community varies in size, shape, and focus, each is a vibrant alliance of diverse stakeholders, working tirelessly and working together.

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Events to support The Stewardship Network

TSN Spring Challenge
April 10, 2024–June 30, 2024

TSN Spring Challenge (April 10 - June 30, 2024) unites organizations and individuals that care for land and water to raise awareness of our collective impact and "do more together." Last year's program recorded over 50,000 hours of stewardship from over 13,00 participants! From planting to pulling, clean-ups to education, if your efforts support a healthier ecosystem where you live, please join so together we can inspire others. Learn more and report your hours now at stewardshipnetwork.org/spring or by clicking the event link!

Resources Provided by TSN

If you or your organization would benefit from a gift of cleaned, paired, rescued work gloves at
no cost (just pay shipping if you can't pick up locally), check out their TSN Gloves for Good
program! To date, they've put over 31,000 pairs into/onto the hands of nature's caretakers,
saving their organizations nearly $50,000 while averting 2,300 pounds of waste and 2.8 metric
tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more and submit your request
at stewardshipnetwork.org/gloves

How to Join the Effort

If you're looking for a volunteer opportunity (great for racking up those Spring Challenge hours!), look no further than their TSN Events Calendar! With everything from webcasts to workdays submitted by their partners and Member Communities, it's a great way to get directly involved. Learn more at stewardshipnetwork.org/events


Financial support from donors of all sizes help keep great programs like #TSNspring going! If you're in a position to help in that way, you can find their easy online form at stewardshipnetwork.org/donate or by clicking the link above!

If money is tight but you want to be a part of this movement, don’t worry! During this vital spring
season, your direct participation in TSN Spring Challenge 2024 is the greatest contribution you
can make. Thank you!

Why Zing Loves TSN

Zingerman's has always tried to be as environmentally conscious as possible, knowing how crucial our ecosystem is in sustaining us all. That work is multi-faceted and means supporting incredible organizations like The Stewardship Network as they guide us and others towards best practices. In fact, the timing of this Nonprofit Spotlight is very special to us as we just officially added a new "Guiding Principle" to our Zingerman's beliefs that focuses on sustainability and committing to continued improvement of our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to sincere efforts towards making our world a better place and putting in the work that it takes to contribute in a positive way. We're grateful to organizations like TSN who passionately lead the way for us and others in our community. We hope you'll join the mission!

Click here to donate directly to The Stewardship Network!