July's Spotlight is on ZeroWaste.Org!

ZeroWaste.Org exists to help everyone find their role in building a zero waste world. They focus on concrete actions you can do today that will move us all closer to a future where we can flourish without harming people and the planet.

Officially named Live Zero Waste, this fantastic organization is helping our community, and beyond, take steps to lessen waste at every turn through zero waste events, helping restaurants lessen their waste, and spreading the word about impactful ways we can all help our environment by reducing what we throw away. Sign up for their Foundations of Zero Waste email course to learn more!

Donate directly to ZeroWaste.Org!


Events to support ZeroWaste.Org

Trash Talk Tour
October 15, 2023

During this fun, FREE, family-friendly, self-guided event you will see what happens to your trash, recyclables, and compost after you “throw it away.”

Plastic Free July Challenge
July 1, 2023–July 31, 2023

Do your best to avoid plastic for the month of July and get tips in your inbox every weekday by signing up for the newsletter online!

How to help the Zero Waste mission

Spreading the word, doing small zero waste actions in public is a great way to normalize things, and hosting zero waste parties or potlucks are fantastic ways to support the cause.

Point your favorite businesses to ZeroWaste.org to get help reducing their waste.

Help them fundraise for the movement by hosting a house party to share the mission with your friends, or getting involved as a digital fundraiser.

And of course, you can donate online at their website or throughout July in cash at Zingerman's businesses. Just look for the Nonprofit Spotlight bins!

How to find resources

Their website is a great place to start whether you're looking for zero waste swaps or local businesses that have zero waste options they've got you covered (linked on this page)! You can also email them directly with ideas or challenges you're facing in the home or in your business: [email protected]

ZeroWaste.org can be a guide in learning what actions you may be unaware are wasteful, help you to examine buying habits that you can improve, and demonstrate ways to minimize the things that fill our landfills.

Volunteering with ZeroWaste.org

If you're interested in moving the work along with them, they'll find a way for you to plug in. A lot of their work is digital but they frequently have events that benefit from helping hands. Just send an email to [email protected] and they'll point you in the right direction.

Zing loves Zero Waste

Zingerman's is passionate about reducing waste. It's not only the sensible thing to do as a business, but it's very important to us that we protect our community, environment, and the health and futures of everyone. We even have a special committee called Planet Zing made up of passionate Zingerman's staff members who help our businesses keep the environment front of mind when we make decisions. Then came along this extraordinary organization that helped us initiate a reusable container program at our Deli! We've been loving working with Live Zero Waste ever since and we'd love to have our community join in supporting their crucial work.

Donate directly to ZeroWaste.Org!