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Zingerman’s Bakehouse

Great ingredients – Traditional recipes – Lots of flavor

A retail and wholesale bakery committed to making and selling the best-tasting, traditionally made breads and pastries that we can imagine. We are real artisan bakers, which means that we use traditional methods and flavorful ingredients to make our bread and sweet stuff. Featuring ready-made sandwiches and hot soups for lunch.


BAKE! With Zing

Zingerman’s hands-on teaching bakery

We share our knowledge and love of baking with the home baker community, seeking to preserve baking traditions and inspire new ones. We offer dozens of different bread, pastry and cake hands-on baking classes and sometimes cooking classes in our teaching kitchens. You’ll leave our baking and cooking classes with that same joy, the food you made in class and the inspiration and skills to bake at home!

Zingerman's Creamery - Cream Top Shop

Zingerman’s Creamery and Cream Top Shop

Dedicated to crafting handmade, full-flavored cheeses and gelato

In our newly renovated space, we offer Zingerman’s Creamery cheeses, other American artisan cheeses that you know and love, American beers and wines, gelato for here or to go, in a shake, a malt, sundaes, or gelato sandwich! We’ll help you to create cheese plates with a unique assortment of meat, olives, nuts, dried fruit, and preserved vegetables, as well as lunch offerings of made-to-order sandwiches. We offer seating where you can view cheese and gelato being made while you have lunch!

Zingerman's Candy Manufactory

Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory

Fresh, handcrafted candy bars and confections

Zingerman's Coffee Company

Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Artisan roastery and cafe serving single estate, small batch coffees and teas



Sharing Zingerman’s unique and uniquely successful approach to business!

ZingTrain shares Zingerman’s unique approach to business through seminars, workshops, personalized training, books and (soon) digital learning. Our training covers a variety of business-related topics, ranging from Visioning and Leadership to Customer Service and Management. Our clients are from just about any kind and size of business you can think of – from investment bankers to doctors to ice-cream makers!


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