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Camp Bacon This Weekend!

Who’s Coming to Camp Bacon?

Saturday, July 2nd, 8:30-4:30pm • At  Zingerman’s Roadhouse · 2501 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

We’ve got bacon maker Allan Benton coming back. Chef Andrea Reusing from Lantern restaurant in Chapel Hill is coming up to do a special dinner at the Roadhouse on Thursday night featuring bacon and her new book, Cooking in the Moment. Molly Stevens will be back as well—her last book All About Braising is really one of the great cookbooks; anyone who really wants to learn serious cooking should check it out, and she’s a great teacher too. Brian Polcyn, chef at 5 Lakes Grill will be coming. He co-wrote Charcuterie which is probably the best book out on that subject, not to mention that he’s a talented chef, nice and funny too. He’ll be doing some teaching about how to cure bacon. Plus we’ve got Meg Noori doing something on the history of bacon in the Native American community and reading bacon poetry in Ojibwe. Mark Essig is coming up from Asheville to talk about the history of the drovers (the people who moved the pigs from farm to city). Food historian Jan Longone from the Clements Library will share some bacon history.

Which reminds me—we’ll be showing award winning documentary film maker Joe York’s new film, which features Emile and Caw Caw Creek. Apparently Emile is quite the tango dancer, which you can see in the film. I think I’m gonna work on him to do a bacon tango for us. And of course there’s loads of bacon to eat all through the day. People who come to Camp will probably taste about ten or twelve different bacons, and most all of them in a couple different forms. Plus more bacon poetry!


Tickets are $195/person. Includes breakfast, lunch and more bacon than you knew you could eat! Proceeds benefit the Southern Foodways Alliance.