Bostock (“syrup-soaked, frangipane-topped, crispy-edged ode to breakfast glory”) from the Bakehouse

Although we’ve been making it for a good ten years now the Bostock really does seem to be one of the best kept secrets at the Bakehouse. I know it has a loyal following but it’s yet to get the level of attention I think it deserves. It really is amazing stuff, but unlike muffins, croissants, danishes and donuts it’s hardly a well-known way to start one’s day. There are a handful of spots around the world that make it but not many, so maybe the word is starting to get out. Sara Kate Gillingham, on her amazing website The Kitchn described the Bostock as a “syrup-soaked, frangipane-topped, crispy-edged ode to breakfast glory.”

I’d say it’s a little bit like a really good almond croissant that’s come back to life in a dense, round, but still equally delicious and almost otherworldly good new existence. Bostocks start with a piece of Bakehouse all-butter brioche. It’s brushed with orange infused simple syrup, topped with a layer of frangipane (ground almonds and sugar), and then toasted slivered almonds. If you’re ready to liven up your morning routine, ask for a taste of this stuff at the Bakehouse bakeshop or the Deli’s Next Door Café.

This post is part of a series of Ari’s Best Foods of 2011.