The making of a Sharon Hollow: Cheese maker and Creamery managing partner Aubrey Thomason walks us through the steps to creating an artisan cheese

The Legend of Sharon Hollow

Sharon Hollow is a little town (pop. 7,067) 26 miles Southwest of Ann Arbor and just up the road from Manchester, MI which was the first home of the Creamery. When John set up shop in Manchester in 2001 he began the tradition of naming his cheeses after communities in the area and our Sharon Hollow was born. Sharon Hollow is one of our cow’s milk cheese (using fresh milk we get from our friends at Calder Dairy in Carleton, MI) and, as always, we hand-ladle the curds to protect their delicate flavor and texture during the cheese-making process. We make Sharon Hollow in two flavors: Telicherry black pepper and garlic, or garlic and freshly-chopped chive. Its crisp, clean, milky flavor is accentuated by the strength of the garlic and either pepper or chives that run throughout.

Stop by our cheese shop on Plaza Drive and see cheese-making in action and make sure to ask for a taste. You can also sample Sharon Hollow at Zingerman’s Delicatessen and Roadhouse, stop or see us at one of the eight southeastern Michigan farmers markets we attend.