Food & Wine rates Mindo Hot Cocoa as among best in U.S.

Barbara Wilson, owner (along with husband Joe (Jose) Meza) of Mindo Chocolate, was very pleased to hear that Food & Wine rated the Mindo Hot Cocoa served by the Zingerman’s Next Door Coffeehouse as among the “Best Hot Chocolate in the U.S.”

“It’s awesome!” she said.

We agree: Mindo Chocolate is awesome.

The company began in 2008 with a humble dream to retire and build a winter retreat in Joe’s native Ecuador.  From the beginning, Joe was frustrated by the lack of high-speed Internet access in Ecuador.  So, Joe (described as a “serial entrepreneur” by a customer) remedied the situation by transforming their house into a hostel and restaurant.  Roasting and serving locally grown coffee for the restaurant soon led them to the local high-quality cacao, and they began making their own chocolate.  In 2009, they began importing green coffee and cacao back to Dexter, MI and their reputation for good, small-batch chocolate soon spread here in the U.S.

One of the products Mindo is especially proud of is their Cocoa Fruit Syrup.  As the cacao pods are stored and fermented prior to processing into cocoa, the syrup from the pod is collected, and then boiled down into a concentrated version.  The syrup, which has an intense, fruity flavor that’s been compared to tamarind, is a versatile addition to just about any meal.  Add it to a sauce to enhance a meat dish, or use it as a base for a tangy salad dressing.  It will bring an amazing dimension of flavor to almost any dessert under the sun, and it’s a great option for a cocktail that calls for a syrup or fruit juice.

Mindo Chocolate is a delicious, high-quality chocolate that’s a great addition to any kitchen.

In addition to the delicious Mindo Hot Cocoa, the Zingerman’s Deli also sells Mindo Cocoa Powder, and Mindo Baking Chocolate. The Zingerman’s Bakehouse also stocks the Baking Chocolate, and Mindo Chocolate Bars are available at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse.