San Street POP-IN

San Street owner Ji Hye Kim takes her fond memories of home cooking and Asian street market treats to the streets of Ann Arbor, dishing up some really great Asian street food with the freshest ingredients. San Street is an aspiring new Zingerman’s business, which executes traditional Asian recipes with fresh, high quality ingredients- local whenever possible. The word “san” (pronounced sahn) comes the number three and is revered as one of the luckiest numbers in Asian culture, and the reason why some dishes, such as dim sum, are prepared in three’s.

Ji Hye will host a San Street POP-IN tomorrow, March 28, 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Zingerman’s Events on 4th, 415 N. Fifth Ave in Kerrytown.
No reservations required – just Pop In!

For this occasion, Ji Hye celebrates the Korean cuisine of the Gaesong region. As the ancient capital of Goryeo and a trade center, Gaesong cuisine is traditionally known for its luxuriousness. Gaesong cooks enjoyed access to various cuts of meat and made great use of cilantro, uncommon in other regions. Just beyond the Korean Demilitarized Zone and an hour from Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Gaesong is one of very few North Korean cities open for tourism.

Please join us for this delicious culinary mini-tour of the Gaesong region, courtesy of Ji Hye Kim and San Street!


Jorangi Rice Cake Soup $7
Rice cakes in ox tail broth. Instead of more common oval shaped rice cake slices, Gaesong’s verion uses smaller, figure 8 shaped rice cakes, softer and chewier, their texture almost reminiscent of Italian gnocchi. Vegetarian version available upon request.

Meat Pyunsoo $6
Handmade dumplings in Gaesong’s traditional square shape, filled with pork, chicken, beef and kimchi.

Mushroom Pyunsoo $6
Handmade dumplings in Gaesong’s traditional triangle shape, filled with mushrooms and tofu.

Gosoo Gutjuri $5
Fresh cilantro salad in spicy dressing.

Gaesong Moo Jjim $12
Slow braise of pork, beef, chicken and moo, large Korean radish, in soy and garlic. Served with rice. Vegetarian version available upon request.

 Don’t miss this event!

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