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Flips & Fizzes Cocktail Class at Cornman Farms

Fight the feburary frost with flips and fizzes!

What do a Yard of Flannel, a British female spy from the 1600s, and an 1880s New Orleans bartender have in common? The next Cornman Farms cocktail class, of course! On Friday, February 27, 7pm, we’ll be exploring Flips & Fizzes out at the farm. The purpose of this session is to explore cocktails that require enthusiastic mixing techniques. We’ll be shaking and straining and flipping (pouring from one vessel to another repeatedly) with gusto!

We’ll make a Rum Flip (a.k.a. A Yard of Flannel, Bellow-Stop, or Crambambull), a drink that developed a cult-like following in the days of the American colonies. We’ll be toasting the Crescent City with the New Orleans favorite, Brandy Milk Punch. This classic has its origins in the surprisingly clear English Milk Punch, a beverage that was made popular in the 1600s by female playwright and spy for the British crown, Aphra Behn.

Ramos Gin Fizz

Ramos Gin Fizz

And we’ll finish the evening with the granddaddy of all shaken cocktails: the Ramos Gin Fizz. This is one of the most intense cocktails ever to rise to national stardom, and we’ve broken it down into simple-to-follow steps. The original recipe for the Ramos Gin Fizz calls for it to be shaken for TWELVE minutes! I shake mine for about two minutes, but if you can make it all twelve I’ll take your photo and give you a dollar!

We’ll cover the history behind the cocktails, explain the ingredients, and introduce both traditional and modern mixing techniques. Each guest will have the opportunity to actually craft (and drink!) all three cocktails in a relaxed and informative setting while enjoying delicious farm-fresh snacks. Want to channel your inner bartender and impress your friends with your new-found shaking stamina? Then this class is for you! Cost includes three cocktails, use of all necessary equipment, food, instruction, and take-home recipes. Is there a better way to spend your Friday evening? I didn’t think so! Reservations can be made through the Zingerman’s Community Events website.

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Come join us on the 27th! This event is too much fun to miss!