Pantry Peek #2

What’s in your pantry?

Inspired by a blog post from Zingerman’s Mail Order managing partner Mo Frechette, we asked several folks here at Zingerman’s to share some of the foods that are their go-to favorites; foods they always try to keep on hand in their pantries. Today, we’re posting the latest in this series by our friend, Paul:

Over time, my go-to staples change, but a couple of the things I’ve found myself using over and over in the last couple months are in this here photograph:

pantry peek Paul B

Paul’s fave staples

Alziari Olive Oil
I love the slight citrus note in this oil. It makes it absolutely ideal to pair with any of the goat cheeses we make over at Zingerman’s Creamery. Also I make a quick and dirty version of Caesar dressing with this, some dijon mustard, mayo, red wine vinegar, garlic, and anchovy paste. The Alziari oil goes a long way in adding complexity to this lazy salad dressing.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcester Sauce
While I grew up on the Lea & Perrins stuff, this Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcester Sauce from Kentucky is a more interesting take on an old standby. Sweetened with sorghum and benefitting greatly from its bourbon barrel aging, this sauce is a little less sweet than most conventional Worcester sauces, and I can put it in just about anything savory to add a little something extra.

I buy this stuff in bulk from a variety of different sources. We’ve been doing a bit more Indian cooking at home lately, and we’ve always been into Mexican food, so it’s a no-brainer. I tend to use too much of it, which I’m working on.

Tandoori Spices 
A friend of mine was on a research trip to India a little while ago and came back to Michigan with a bag of bright red tandoori spices. The bag itself had very little in the way of an ingredient list (if I recall correctly, under ingredients it just said “spices”). Lately my favorite comfort food has been Chicken Tikka Masala, and using this spice blend with some yogurt as a base for the sauce has been absolutely wonderful. At some point I’m really going to have to figure out exactly what’s in it.
*Note: Zingerman’s is also a big fan of Montreal’s Épices de Cru, and you can find their terrific spices at the Deli!

Thanks, Paul!