Ron Maurer Named Zingerman’s Newest Partner

Longtime Vice President of Administration Approved by Unanimous Decision

After nearly 16 years in an ever-expanding role, Zingerman’s Vice President of Administration, Ron Maurer, has taken his place among the managing partners of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. He was officially confirmed as partner by consensus decision at this past Thursday morning’s bi-weekly Partner’s Group meeting at ZingTrain.

Ron ZT

Ron Maurer

Ron, who joined the organization in December of 2000, was recruited for the then-new VPA position based on his extensive background in finance and planning, as well as general business administration. Maurer says that he was deliberate in his job search, and was looking for an organization where he could build on his experience. “I had three criteria,” he says. ”I wanted an organization where I could make a difference; a place where I was always learning; and I really wanted to work for people that I respected.” It was with all of this in mind that he found his way to Zingerman’s.

Ron took the reins of the growing Zingerman’s Service Network, a business that provides a suite of shared essential services, such as Finance, IT, Department 4 People (Human Resources), and Marketing & Graphics, for all the Zingerman’s businesses. “At that time, the organization was much smaller. We didn’t have nearly as many businesses, and our shared services staff was far fewer in number. Our IT department, for example, had just two people where today we have six.”

From the beginning, the intent was for Ron to eventually assume a partner role. As the organization grew, so too did the scope of his responsibilities. In the past 5 years, Maurer has expanded his duties from overseeing the Zingerman’s Service Network to a larger role in helping co-founding partners, Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig, lead the nine (and growing) Zingerman’s businesses. As Paul says, “Ron brought a great deal of financial discipline to our organization, which has helped us continue to sustain ourselves over the past 16 years.” A similar sentiment is expressed by Ari, “Bringing Ron Maurer on as VPA has, without question, been one of the most positive moves we’ve ever made. Having Ron join us as a partner is a really positive step towards a better future.”

Ron’s confirmation as a managing partner is essentially a formal acknowledgement of the role he’s been playing for years as the organization increased in size. The Zingerman’s Community of Businesses currently employs over 700 employees, and expects to record $60 million in sales this year. “We’ve really grown since I started,” says Ron. “We have more staff, more businesses, more of everything!”

As Zingerman’s looks toward the future, Ron also looks forward to helping to guide the organization into the next stage of its growth and ensuring its ongoing sustainability. “We do business a little differently here at Zingerman’s. And when it’s all said and done,” he says, “it’s about creating something that will continue after you’re gone. We’ve proved that the way we do it is not only fun, but it’s also successful, profitable, and sustainable. We’ve shown people that it works.”

Congratulations, Ron!