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Meet the Manchesters. They’re on Sale ALL MONTH!


Have you met the Manchesters? Our Manchester family of cheeses that is. They’re a great bunch, and they have one thing in common—they all start as a rich, cow’s milk round. Then we use different aging and finishing techniques to bring out a variety of flavors: cabbage wrapping, beer washing, and crock conditioning.

If you’ve never tried one, now’s the time. All our Manchesters are on sale the entire month of December at the Deli. Just in time for the holidays! Which will you pick for your cheese board?

Manchester: Savory and earthy, the Manchester is delicious at many different ages. At one week, it has a rich mousse-like texture with a soft yogurt flavor. By week three, the cheese becomes denser with soft creaming around the edges, and the farm flavors become more pronounced.

Serving suggestion: When it’s soft, pair it with a baguette. As it ages, it can be served with oatcakes or crackers. It’s always great with chutney and can also be baked in a puff pastry.

Was $15, now it’s 12.99

Pere Marquette: This beauty is an homage to the classic French St. Marcellin. We start with the best Jersey cow’s milk we can source, since the high fat and protein of that particular milk will create a superior finished cheese. Conditioning this cheese inside a terracotta crock develops a luscious texture that continues to develop over time, eventually becoming almost completely liquid and ridiculously rich.

Serving suggestion: There are plenty of things you can do with this cheese, but our favorite is to put in on a table with some baguette, dust its top with a little bit of table sugar, hit it with a brûlée torch, and then just let nature take its course.

Was $15, now $7.99

Washtenaw: We start off with a super-rich, super-dense jersey cow’s milk round. Right after the cheese has developed the slightest bit of rind, we begin to regularly (and gently) brush it with a saison by hand, creating all sorts of awesome flavors on the surface of the cheese. This one tends to break down pretty quickly, and it’s absolutely dynamite at a couple of weeks old. Calling to mind the very best aspects of washed-rind cheeses, this one has a wonderful balance and works well as a cheese to appeal to those who don’t think they like washed rind cheeses (yet!)

Serving suggestion: This cheese sports a very strong aroma, but the paste inside is subtle enough to work in a variety of situations. Use it in your favorite dishes to add a bit of an umami kick, or serve it with crackers and beer for a decadent snack.

Was $20, now $15.99

Manistique: We’ve taken to wrapping our signature jersey cow’s milk cheese in cabbage leaves. Now why would we want to go and do a thing like that? Aside from the obvious visual appeal (they really are quite stunning to look at), the leaf wrapping alters the flavor and texture of our Manchester as it ages, enhancing the earthy and complex notes of the super rich Jersey milk we use to make it while helping to break down its luscious, dense paste. The end result is a ridiculously creamy, full-flavored cheese that will still the spotlight.

Serving suggestion: The Manistique is an excellent table cheese, and we love it on a fresh baguette with just a drizzle of olive oil (and maybe a crack or two of pepper).

Was $20, now $15.99