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The Newest Dance Craze Sweeping Ann Arbor – The Deli Dinners A Go Go!

We’ve been cooking up something really special over at the Deli…

Chicken leg, kale salad and mashed potatoes featured in Zingerman’s Deli A Go-Go

Introducing: Deli Dinners A Go Go! A chance to upgrade your dinner dance moves with Zingerman’s one night a week this fall!

Andrew Wilhelme, Zingerman’s Deli’s Sous Chef, had an “a-ha” moment when thinking about how awesome it would be to give our customers the “Zingerman’s Experience” for dinner but without all the fuss that fall inevitably brings. “It’s like having Zingerman’s as your personal chef, when and where you want it!” he says.

His idea morphed into “Deli Dinners A Go Go”, a weekly, ready-to-heat meal that can be picked up at the Deli or delivered to your home to have when you want it! These meals can be reheated at home in 20 minutes or less and are made from the freshest ingredients we could find. The inspired menu has been built out for three months, October through December, and meals can be purchased online. We tested this concept with a few families here in town, and here’s what they had to say:

What a fast, easy way to get a gourmet meal on the table! When I first heard how much it would cost ($15/portion), I thought, no way would I spend that much for a reheat meal…. now that I’ve seen Zingerman’s portion sizes, experienced how quick it is to re-heat and serve, I think it’s a great value! – Kathie

“We thought the packaging was perfect. It was great to be able to just remove the lids and put the aluminum containers in the oven. We also liked that we could just pop the bread in foil straight into the oven. The reheating instructions were perfect.” – Jane

These meals are also the perfect useful gift for friends or family who are in need of some delicious, homestyle meals who don’t have the time. Order online and set their home address for delivery. Your friend who just had baby? Delicious dinners with enough left over for a midnight snack! Your aunt who just had surgery? Restaurant quality meals while she rests! Honestly, who could resist?

We also have a special offer for you if you’re interested in trying it out! When you place your order online, if you buy 6 weeks, you can get the 7th free with the code WELOVEDINNER!

Dinners are available for pre-order at and are available for pick-up at the Deli or for delivery within our delivery area. We hope to see you out on the dinner dance floor soon!