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Zingerman’s Roadhouse Kitchen News

Dining Space to close for 2-week Kitchen Tune-Up

The Roadhouse Kitchen Tune-Up is coming!

On March 18th we’ll be closing the dining space at the Roadhouse in order to do a much needed complete replacement of our kitchen floor. If all goes to plan we’ll be reopening for full sit down service on April 1st!

The good news? We’re going to keep our drive-thru Roadshow trailer open throughout! So while we won’t be able to give you anywhere indoors to eat, we will be able to at least offer a limited menu of items to keep you going!

The hours of the Roadshow will be Monday thru Friday 6am-9pm, and Saturday and Sunday 7am-9pm. Feel free to call ahead to place your order at 734.929.0332.

What’s a Kitchen Tune-Up?
A Kitchen Tune-Up means that the Roadhouse is making much needed repairs in the kitchen and other areas of the restaurant. This work includes installing a brand spanking new kitchen floor (the entire kitchen!), replacing carpet, painting, and replacing countertops. In order to do so, we will need to close off the inside of the kitchen and dining rooms.

When is the Kitchen Tune-Up happening?
March 18th thru March 31st.

Will the Roadhouse be open the during the Kitchen Tune-Up?
The dining room and the kitchen at the Roadhouse will not be open for seating and full service. But the Roadshow will be offering a limited—and still delicious—menu of food to go.

Will I still be able to order food from the Roadhouse during the Tune-Up?
You will still be able to order food from the Roadshow. The full Roadshow menu will be available, as well as certain items from the Roadhouse menu.

What kind of food will be offered during the Kitchen Tune-Up?
We will have a full Roadshow menu available and a limited Roadhouse menu (thru the Roadshow). The limited menu will include some breakfast items, and a few of our signature items including Barbecue, Mashed Potatoes, and Braised Greens. Stay tuned for more info.

Why isn’t our regular menu available during the Kitchen Tune-Up?
Because the Roadhouse kitchen will be closed for repairs, we cannot cook everything on our menu that we would like to.

If the Roadhouse kitchen is closed, how are you able to prepare the food you are serving through the Roadshow?
We are sharing a kitchen with our friends at Zingerman’s Mail Order.

Will there be catering available?
There will not be any catering service available through the Roadhouse for this time period. We’re glad to help with your catering needs at Zingerman’s Deli. Give us a call at 734-663-3400.

Are other Zingerman’s businesses open during the Kitchen Tune-Up?
Yes!! Please visit our sister restaurant Miss Kim, or swing by the Deli for a sandwich! Are you heading over to the south side of Ann Arbor? Grab some brew at the Coffee Company, a sandwich and soup at the Bakeshop and follow up with delicious gelato at the Creamery!

How long until the normal menu resumes?
The normal menu will be available the day we reopen, on April 1st. No foolin’!!