The 4th Annual Zingerman’s Spice Week

Our spice trekking friends, Philippe and Ethne de Vienne, are coming back from Montreal for another series of marvelous events! Come to one, come to both—your life will surely be spicier, richer and more interesting for it!!

Tax Day Special Spice Dinner

Monday, April 15, 2019, 6pm and 8pm seatings

Miss Kim

Our popular monthly suckling pig dinner series has a fun origin story. When all the partners from Zingerman’s Community of Businesses visited Montreal, the de Viennes family of Epices de Cru threw a huge party at their house. There was so much amazing food all around, and one of the absolute highlight was a roasted suckling pig. It was such a warm welcome that when the Spice Trekkers visited Ann Arbor last year for the annual Spice Week, Miss Kim threw a party too, with a suckling pig as the center piece. It was so well received and the party was so much fun that we’ve done it every month since then. (Read about their experience at that dinner here.)

So we’re doing it again for their visit, and you’re celebrating with us! Join us for beautifully roasted suckling pigs and an array of subtle and bold dishes showing off spices. The Spice Trekkers will be there to tell you all about the spices used at the dinner, sharing the stories of sourcing and using those spices. It will be an evening of great food, conviviality and great stories. Sign up for your spot!

How to Cook with Spices 101

Tuesday evening, April 16, 2019

Zingerman’s Deli

Learning to buy, grind and cook with world-class spices is one of the easiest ways we know to upgrade the quality of your cooking. Join Ethné and Chef Philippe de Vienne from Épices de Cru as he shares three decades of travel, tasting, sourcing and cooking wisdom with us! We’ll have a delightfully educational evening and taste the spices in action in featured dishes. Seats are limited! Sign up soon!
Attendees receive a 20% off coupon to use after the tasting.

Family Food Tasting: Explore the World of ​Spices

Friday, April 19, 2019, 5:30–6:30pm

Zingerman’s Deli

Any foodie will tell you that spices are an important key to their culinary masterpieces. We don’t think that these complex and potent ingredients are only for the grown-ups in the room. Come to this FAMILY FOOD TASTING if you want to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! The whole family will learn to taste spices like an expert as we explore the world of some of our favorite spices. We’ll introduce you to these spices, tell you stories about our friends from Montreal who roam the world in search of the best ones and learn about the spices that are on the shelves in our deli kitchen. And the best part is, we’re going to taste them!

We think families with kids ages 2-12 would most enjoy this tasting. The cost is $10 per taster (kids and parents). All participants will receive a 20% off coupon to use after the tasting to eat and/or shop at the Deli. Please include your child’s name, age, and any allergy information in the comments field when you register. Thank you!

Spices & Cheese

Friday, April 19, 2019, 6:30–8:30pm

Zingerman’s Creamery

Join us for a special Spice Week tasting that delves into the world where spices and cheese mingle and make magic. We will talk about sourcing spectacular spices from all over the world, spice’s historical role in cheesemaking, and taste some special treats our cheesemakers have custom created just for this tasting! Bread and additional accompaniments from our Cream Top Shop will be provided.

Épices de Cru spices at Zingerman’s Deli

At the Deli we have so many spices on our shelves from our friends Épices de Cru from Montréal…too many to name! Come check ‘em out! With there being so many, we get that it can be overwhelming to decide which spice to choose. We have a handy spice decoder that identifies them based on type of spice. We’ll help with any questions you may have about the spices and how to best use them in your cooking repertoire. Sometimes the best way to get a sense of whether you’ll enjoy a spice is by getting a good whiff of the aromas, so we’ll let you smell them and even taste them in olive oil before you buy.

Spice SALE!

20% Off All Spices & Salts

April 15-30th
It’s time for spring cleaning and the last thing on your list might be the ol’ pantry. We all have those spices that we haven’t used in years…dusty tins of pre-ground spices that are a shell of the flavor bomb they used to be. Join us as we celebrate Spice Week and help make the cleaning easy. All of our spices are 20% off, so get rid of the old and bring in some new flavor and a spark of joy to your kitchen.

In addition to spices and spice recipe books, we have some Épices de Cru featured items at the Deli:

From our sandwich menu, give the #201 – Raisin d’Être a try!

A bit of an underground sandwich due to its relatively new status to the menu, and often because our Reubens do tend to take center stage. But if you’re looking to shake up your turkey sandwich option, look no further! House-made curried turkey salad (chunks of turkey breast, toasted cashews, Épices de Cru Trinidad spice mix, mayo, yogurt) & Garden Works daikon radish shoots on toasted pecan raisin bread. The Trinidad spice mix offers a nice pop of flavor, without being spicy. And the combination of the toasted cashews and pecans, along with the sweetness of the bread is a delight for the tastebuds. Or, grab some curried turkey salad by the pound to go!

From our salad case, Vegetable Tagine

Our Kitchen prepares this traditional North African dish by roasting seasonal vegetables including cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots and onions then slowly simmering them with chickpeas, dried figs and a Tagine spice blend from Épices de Cru from Montreal. Pro tip: serve it with our Lemon Couscous salad; recommended heated!

From our Catering menu, Bill’s Tunisian Chicken

Whole pieces of Amish free range chicken with our own preserved lemon, fennel, fresh parsley and Beldi olives. Coriander and Syrian cumin from Épices de Cru make this a succulent and aromatic dish. Served with lemon couscous, tossed green salad and Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread with Michigan farm butter.