Cinetopia: Ann Arbor’s Own International Film Festival

Russ Collins and his crew at the Michigan Theater have big plans. After all they’ve done over the years to restore Ann Arbor’s beautiful art house theater and bring us the best movies in the world, they’re going one big step beyond. This May, they are launching the Cinetopia International Film Festival from May 31-June 3 they’re bringing in over 30 films to be shown over four days.

Zingerman’s and the Michigan Theater have collaborated a lot over the years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Russ, Drew Waller, Lee Berry, Amanda Bynum and other great folks on their staff. One of the big reasons that Ann Arbor was high on my list of possible places to move 12 years ago was because I was determined to live in a place where I could see small budget movies on a big screen down town. Thanks to the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor has more movies than I can fit in my schedule. Though Russ will tell you that this year’s festival is a small step, I have no doubt they will exceed their wildest expectations in the coming years. That’s why Zingerman’s signed up to be a sponsor in the first year. When it grows in the festival they envision, we’ll be happy to have been there from the beginning. Their hope is to build a big, vibrant festival that will bring thousands of movies lovers from all around the region to Ann Arbor every year.

This year’s festival features 60 years of 3-D films and 3-D film technology and they will celebrate the work of UM screenwriting grad David Newman (“Bonnie & Clyde,” “What’s Up Doc” and “Superman”) and the silent film comedy of Harold Lloyd featuring a live appearance by Mr. Lloyd’s granddaughter Suzanne (who is curator of the Harold Lloyd Trust). Maybe most exciting for movie junkies, Cinetopia will also gather the best contemporary films now playing the international festival circuit.

Watch the trailer here and sign up for Cinetopia‘s mailing list to get the latest developments and ticket info. Pre-sales begin May 3.