Amazing Ham

We just got in a few pork products that you should try. These are pretty limited edition products that have come from our friend Herb Eckhouse.

First off is the Borsellino. Borsellino is Italian for purse or small hand bag. It is also the last name of his dear Italian friend. So the reason why he thought of making this sausage was he was so tired of throwing away the scrap trim from the Hogs that he was processing for his Prosciutto Americano. He works very closely with his Hog Producers that supply him incredible pork. The thought of all that energy that went into these breed specific hog raising, and the fact that he was throwing away trim from when the Hams come in to make the Prosciutto, he decided he needed to make a product.

The idea behind this product is to have a sausage that you could throw in your bag (it has a long shelf life inside its little bag) and eat on the run, or at a picnic. Herb was inspired by the sausages that he could just grab and go with in Italy. It comes in two flavors, regular and piccante.

Next is the Acorn Edition Woodland Finish Tamworth Products.

So this year in addition to doing the normal Berkshire Acorn Fed Hogs, Herb wanted to branch out a little. He had been looking at other breeds and settled on the Tamworth Hog. It wasn’t easy finding a Tamworth producer to work with, since there are not many of them in the country. But after four years of searching he finally found Russ Kremer. He wanted to raise the Tamworth’s in a certain fashion. These Tamworths live a happy go lucky life (check out to see some fun pictures of these beautiful animals), and then in August they get put out to pasture in the Ozark Mountainside of Missouri. They spend their last three months foraging on the side of a mountain that is filled with fruiting oak, and hickory trees.

So for the first time ever, the Deli has some Pancetta, Guanciale, and Lardo from these beautiful and very tasty Tamworth hogs.

Come by the deli for a taste, or take some home and cook with it, and if you do shoot me an email or leave a comment and let me know what you think. I will happily send all the good tasting notes back to Herb and Kathy.