Langós – Hungary’s Most Popular Street Food!

While langós is almost unknown over here, in Hungary it’s almost everywhere. There are langós stands all over the country, the same way that hot dog carts cover Manhattan, or falafel stands all over the Middle East. Almost anyone who’s been to Hungary, or has Hungarian roots, gets very excited when I tell them we make it. It’s like offering a corn dog to a kid who grew up going to the county fair.


Hot & fresh every Tuesday at the Bakeshop!

Langós is quite simply a flat disc of deep-fried bread dough. Most langós are brushed, right out of the fryer, with a wisp of garlic-flavored water, and then topped with chopped ham, sour cream, and a touch of chopped dill. Like most fritters, it’s far better eaten just a few minutes after it’s emerged from the fryer. Come in to the Bakeshop on Tuesdays for lunch and get ‘em while they’re hot!