Bunny Tails hop in to Zingerman’s!

Each year, just in time for spring, the Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory creates something very special that’s sure to delight young and old alike. We’re talking about our delicious Bunny Tails! Soft pillows of tasty, handmade Candy Manufactory marshmallow in the shape of Peter Cottontail’s best-known asset! Bunny Tails come in either raspberry or coconut flavors, and are only available for a very limited time (March 1st – 31st). Available at most Zingerman’s businesses.


Raspberry Bunny Tails curing

Bunny Tails are handmade in small batches at the Candy Manufactory using the best, all-natural ingredients and traditional methods. We start by combining gelatin, hand-cracked egg whites, real vanilla bean, and boiling sugar in a large mixer. Then we add either real raspberry jam or coconut jam, depending on which flavor is needed. The ingredients are added slowly and carefully to ensure a smooth mixture, and then whipped until the batch is nice and fluffy.

From there, the still-warm marshmallow goes into old-fashioned pastry-piping bags, and is piped out onto large sheet pans. Time is critical at this step, because the marshmallow becomes firmer as it cools. Staff work in pairs, with one piping out the Bunny Tails, and another generously coating the new tails with either sugar crystals for the raspberry flavor, or fresh coconut that’s been toasted on-site. Once coated, the Bunny Tails are cured on racks for 24 hours prior to allow the coatings to set and the flavors to fully blossom.
Coconut Bunny Tail

Coconut Bunny Tail


Raspberry Bunny Tail

“The Bunny Tails came out of experimentation,” says Candy Manufactory Managing Partner Charlie Frank. “Years ago, the Wowza Bar was made with fresh marshmallow (it’s now made ‘slab-style’ with nougat), and we had some left over after we’d made a batch. So we tried a few things…” And Bunny Tails were born. Charlie also stresses the importance of ordering early, “There is a huge demand for these every year, and we only have them for a short time. Once they’re gone, they won’t be back until next year.”

Each big bag of fluffy Bunny Tails is filled with half raspberry and half coconut, so you don’t have to choose! The bags can be re-sealed to preserve freshness, and they make the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

Bunny Tails will only be available from March 1st thru March 31st.
Look for them at the Zingerman’s Deli, the Roadhouse, the Bakeshop, and Mail Order.

Don’t miss out on this very special treat!